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Tour Striker Smart Ball

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Does The Tour Striker Smart Ball Work?

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a favorite golf training aid among the PGA tour and armature golfers alike. Suggested by almost all of golf’s top instructors. This ultra-light and portable training aid is designed to align and connect your arms and body as you develop your ball striking skills. This small, inflatable ball connects to an adjustable lanyard to fit anyone. 

So simple and effective – there have been different variation of this training aid. The simple aim of the training aid is to keep the ball between your arms through the swing. This ensures your entire body is working together. You are able to use it flat and tuck it under either armpit or inflated between the forearms. We believe this is the best body connection training aid on the market.

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How Big Is The Tour Striker Smart Ball?

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 × 12 × .33 in

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is inflatable and deflateable, which makes this training aid great to throw and keep in your bag. You can easily inflate the ball right before your round to ensure you are swinging with your body. This should help kick the first tee jitters.

How To Use The Tour Striker Smart Ball

The product itself is an inflatable ball strung onto an adjustable lanyard. The Tour Striker ball only takes a few seconds to inflate. You wrap the lanyard around your neck and tighten it until the ball is resting between your forearms. Then, you simply make swings while keeping the ball between your forearms. When you’re done, deflate the ball and return it to your golf bag. 

Similar training aids all fail in one way or another. Some of the balls are too large, some don’t help guide you where to hold the ball, some can’t deflate and take too much space in your bag.

How Does The Tour Striker Smart Ball Help?

It is a struggle to teach golfers to swing with their body. While the Tour Striker Ball is simple in design, yet, there are few products that are like it. This training aid helps you flush your irons and cut back on your wrist motion through impact. This training aid teaches you how to swing with your shoulders and upper body rather than creating various hinges in your swing that can cause errors. In a sense, it helps  you swing with one fluid motion.


The Tour Striker Smart Ball is one of the better putting training aids around. Putting is easier when you take all of the wrist hinging or motion from your swing. This ball helps keep your arms locked and helps maintain your upper body stance, helping you swing more in a pendulum motion.

Short Game

Using the Tour Striker Smart Ball when practicing your chipping and shorter shots as well. In a similar sense as putting – removing any extra wrist hinges or wrist movement will help deliver the club down to the ball in the same way it was resting. The Tour Striker Ball forces you to swing more with your upper body and shoulders, which will help give you a more consistent chipping and pitching motion. 

Irons/Longer Clubs

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is also designed to work with your mid irons, long irons, hybrids, fairway woods and driver as well. The idea is all the same – keep your arms more together and swing in one motion. Using this training aid with full swings is going to feel very odd at first – don’t be embarrassed if you top or duff a few when first getting use to the swing. We found a lot of success in hitting 5 shots with the ball and 5 shots without. This helped simulate the feeling without teaching you to rely on the aid.

Tour Striker Smart Ball - Conclusion

Here at, we were only able to identify one key area of improvement for the Tour Striker Smart Ball which is the lanyard that attaches the ball is made of cheaper plastic, causing some rough feeling shots and sometimes – even a broken lanyard. To fix this, some have used different carabiner clips to reattach to the ball. 

This ball is fantastic – we can not recommend it enough. There are so many training aids you can buy that are one dimensional. The Tour Striker Smart Ball is so simple but helps encourage so many good things in a golf swing.

If you are looking for a new training aid that will help you swing better and can be used in all areas of the game, this is for you!

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