PING 2021 Hoofer Lite Carry Stand Bag Review

PING Hoofer Lite Carry Stand Bag

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Our Favorite PING Walking Bag

If you commonly walk when you are on the golf course. The PING hoofer Lite will make your round as effortless as possible. With a 4-way top and 7 large pockets. This bag will be able to hold everything that you need for your round. The Hoofer Lite also comes with a new strap connector, adjusting shoulder pads in the front. These shoulder pads are integrated with the company’s proprietary Sensor Cool Technology. Ping also added a cushioned hip pad, which adds to the ease of carrying it and also improves comfort. The Ping Hoofer Lite carry golf bag features a water bottle pocket for any large water bottle you may be using.

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Overview of the PING Hoofer Lite Stand Bag


Here at, we try to keep our reviews based on two to three very simple variables. When we review stand bags, we are looking for comfortable straps, durable functioning legs, and storage. The PING Hoofer Lite has all of these variables that we look for. The straps have ample padding and the ergonomic design makes the bag easy to slip on and off.

As for the legs, one of our favorite things about the Hoofer Lite on the course is the base of the bag. Most bags have a little plastic foot that activates the legs, however, this bag kicks the legs out by using the weight of the bag and using the base of the bag to act as the trigger mechanism. In other words, when you put the bag down and lean it forward the entire base shifts. Other bags that use a “lever” to activate the legs are subject to breaking the lever, which renders the bag unusable. With the PING Hoofer Lite you don’t have to worry about it breaking. Additionally, it creates a more solid position, so it won’t tip over when the wind blows to knock it over.

The Hoofer Lite is extremely lightweight (it’s about a pound less than the standard Hoofer). Despite being light the PING designers made sure functionality wasn’t compromised. One of our favorite aspects of this bag was the 4-way top. This top includes two middle sections that are full length, completely separated compartments. Fitting all 14 clubs is no issue, both in terms of loading and during normal play. I will admit that there is the occasional time of frustration when my 5 iron doesn’t seem to want to sit down correctly, but that’s a normal situation with any bag that doesn’t have a 14-way top.


PING did a great job at keeping this line of walking bags looking like a group, while giving each a bit of personality. The color combinations offer style without a lot of flash. The design lines on the side pocket give the bag a modern feel. PING didn’t go overboard with the branding. There isn’t any doubt that it’s a PING bag, but it is modest. While the overall look is extremely clean, PING did not miss the opportunity to add in details like the branding on the legs.


The PING Hoofer Lite is designed for the purest that needs just the best gear. That doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality or features of the standard Hoofer. There’s no cart strap pass thru or integrated rain hood, but the seven pockets are spacious.

Carrying the bag is fantastic because you can set up the straps in a multitude of ways for maximum comfort and ample support.

A couple of smaller features to note:

  • Key hook
  • Long integrated umbrella sleeve
  • The gription material on the marker slot. 

How Much Does The Ping Hoofer Lite weigh?

4.2 LBS

The new PING Hoofer Lite golf stand bag weighs in at around four pounds so you can easily grab and get out for a round. With a plenty of room for your gear and a 4-way top to organize your clubs. You can have all of this and more with this lightweight bag.

Final Thoughts On The Ping Hoofer Lite

If you are looking to enjoy more rounds walking the course – the Ping Hoofer Lite is for you. This bag is designed for the grinder that stays out on the course until dark. The player that believes golf isn’t always meant to be enjoyed driving to each shot. The golfers that want to walk more rounds while not sacrificing shots because of fatigue. We enjoy this bag so much, our entire team is planning to buy this bag after we tested. We encourage you to, as well!

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