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Our Favorite Titleist Walking Golf Bag

Titleist is a favorite among golfers in one way or another. Most players know them from their golf balls or some of their other golf equipment. One area of the golf market that Titleist truly excels in is their stand bags. The Titleist Player 4 stand bag is a fantastic golf stand bag, with a four way top for all of your clubs. Titleist offers a large selection of cart bags, stand bags, and a few hybrid bags as well. The Players 4 stand bag is one of Titleist’s feature products and for good reason. This bag offers plenty of room without the added weight you may pick-up with other stand bags.

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Overview of the Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag


Here at BestGolfAccessories.net, we try to keep our reviews based on two to three very simple variables. When we review stand bags, we are looking for comfortable straps, durable functioning legs, and storage. The Titleist Players 4 bag has all of these variables that we look for and more. 

This bag is lightweight. With 14 clubs, balls, tees, and the other necessities, this bag will not weigh you down as you play your round. There are four four full-length dividers seperating the bag at the top. The clubs sit winside the bag and are easy to get in and out. There is plenty of pace for all 14 clubs including larger putter grips. The 4-way design isn’t the newest design but it works very well and helps the clubs sit in a position that decreases bag clatter. 


The Titleist Players 4 comes with a sturdy handle at the top of the bag with the Titleist logo imprinted on it. This makes it easy to get your clubs in and out of the car and onto your push cart or golf cart.


The Titleist Players 4 comes with six large pockets. The main pocket at the bottom of the bag is where you can put a majority of your belongs such as your phone, wallet, keys, sleeves of golf balls, golf gloves, etc. The other pockets are spread throughout the bag and give you freedom to spread out all of the weight. This is important so that you can distribute this weight make the bag more comfortable when walking.


Some other features to note about the Titleist Players 4 golf bag. The shoulder straps are cushioned and are nice when carrying on the course. The legs kick out when you set the bag on the ground. The kick out “lever” at the bottom of the bag feels sturdy and not cheap. This bag is also very water resistant. We don’t want to say waterproof – because this bag is not overall waterproof (in our opinion). Getting caught in the rain will mean your belongings shouldn’t be destroyed when running to the club house. However, driving home with your bag in the back of a truck bed will not mean everything inside will be dry (some people are crazy). 

How Much Does The Titleist Players 4 weigh?

3.8 LBS

The Titleist Players 4 weighs in at just under 4 pounds empty. Weight will vary when clubs have been added. Titleist has cut weight where they can by using aluminum legs, light yet durable plastic, and a sturdy fabric when creating this bag.

Final Thoughts On Titleist Players 4 Golf Bag

Personally, I use the Titleist Players 4 stand bag, however, I also exclusively use a push cart. So my view may be a little skewed. With all of the color offerings and the design of the bag, you pay for what you get. The StaDry tech works great keeps your belongings dry when caught in a storm. All of the pockets area good size and the valuables pocket will protect your phone and other valuables when on the course. The legs are lightweight and durable – just like the rest of this bag. It fits on all push carts and can hold all of your clubs with ease. Whats not to like?

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