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GolfBuddy LR7S - Overview

Laser rangefinders are a must have for any serious golfers. There is so much room for error when you are trying to guess distances off of a bush or sprinkler head. Have you ever run into a situation where the distance you get from a sprinkler head is to the front of the green and you just hit a club shorter than you needed? Stop guessing and pick up a golf rangefinder to help remove this unnecessary confusion.

The Golfbuddy LR7S is a budget friendly rangefinder that will help you improve your game. This lightweight and compact rangefinder comes with a 23mm objective lens and 6x magnification. The optic is mult-colored giving you a clear view of your target. The LCD display can show your distance in either yards or meters.

GolfBuddy LR7S Bundle

We were a tad cautious when we first ordered this rangefinder. The bundle provided seemed a little “cheap” compared to other bundles on the market. It was also somewhat nerve racking – because of how much money we were spending for something that could ultimately be pretty bunk. The package includes: 

  1. The LR7S Rangefinder
  2. A carrying case (that clips onto your bag)
  3.  A cleaning cloth
  4. Rangefinder battery
  5. Users guide
This is the normal composition of a rangefinder bundle. 

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GolfBuddy LR7S Features


We tested the Golfbuddy LR7S against a few of our personal favorite rangefinders. We found this rangefinder to be surprisingly accurate. There wasn’t a lot of variance between any of rangefinders we tested. Additionally, when we were trying to “lock onto” the flag – there was no struggle to get the rangefinder to grab the correct distance. 

Vibration Feedback

The pin finder mode has an additional feature that can be turned on to cause the rangefinder to vibrate when locked onto a target. To turn this on, you need to turn on the rangefinder by pressing the GB button once. Press the  M button to switch between modes, indicated on the LCD with the following letters: 

  • no letters = regular mode
  • S on the left side of the display = scan mode
  • S on the left and P on the right = Pin mode 
  • P only on the right = Pin Finder mode with vibration.

To turn on the vibration the idea is press and hold the GB button, then target something behind the Pin (ex. bunker) and move the cross-hairs to the pin/flag, once the laser hits the Pin it will vibrate. Please be aware you will have to press and hold the GB button during this process.

Water Resistant

The Golfbuddy LR7S is water resistant and can be used in rainy and wet conditions without issue.

Golf Buddy LR7S - Conclusion

The GolfBuddy LR7S Laser Golf Rangefinder is one of the more budget friendly options when it comes to laser rangefinders. This device will cover long distances making it a fantastic addition to any golfers bag. With a distance that can reach up to 880 yards, the rangefinder will prove to be a great option for those golfers seeking for a cheaper solution that also performs as well as the top brands.

 With the advanced features such as Scan Mode and the Pin Seeker mode, the rangefinder will be able to give you a precise distance to the bunker, tree, lay-up or anything else in view on the course. Additionally, it proves to be a top contender when it comes to the Slope Compensation technology. Here at, we recommend this rangefinder to every skill level golfer.

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