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Garmin Approach S10

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Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch - Overview

If you want to work on your game on the course, this is your new golf gps watch. Supported by easy-to-use Garmin software. The Approach S10 golf watch offers every course you may be playing. Preloaded with 41,000 courses – worldwide AND lifetime updates – this watch does it all. Stop guessing how far you are from the sprinkler head and missing the green because of bad yardages. This watch provides accurate yardage to the front, back and middle of the green. It can also tell you your distance to hazards and doglegs. When you finish a hole it transitions to next hole as you walk from one green to the next tee box. At the end of the round, it provides a summary of your round showing the total distance you played, total time spent playing and your score. This watch is remarkably comfortable and can display the current time, date, and sunrise/sunset times. What’s not to love?

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Who is This Garmin Approach S10 Designed for?

Garmin s10 is designed for people of all ages. Any golfer can use this device. The Approach S10 app is one of the best golf distance tracking apps on the market. The app is designed to help increase your enjoyment of the game by giving you more information about your distances – to help you play smarter. 

All of the yardages are very precise. According to the Garmin approach s10 manual, they are 1+/1- yard precise. Occasionally you might need to change or reset the holes manually. The yardages can be incorrect, however, this is rare.

Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch Features


As far as usability and accuracy go – we love this watch! The side buttons are easy to read and useful, so it is easy to start a round and track you score. When you use the Garmin Apprach S10, you can be sure you distances are going to be accurate. From the on-course markers to the pin location, you can be confident in the distances provided. 

One downfall of the watch is that it does not have bluetooth, so you have to plug in your watch to post your round performance.

Battery Life

Because of how long rounds can take, Garmin was sure to give this watch a strong battery life. The watch can be in GPS mode for 12 hours in one charge. This should cover even your longest days on the course.

Data and app

When you plug your watch into the computer, you will first need to install Garmin Express and then the data will be entered into your Garmin Golf App. The software will give you analytics on your latest round. It is nice to be able to keep score of each of your rounds, right from your wrist.

Sunlight Readable Screen

This high-resolution screen on the Garmin Approach S1 is sunlight readable. This means that you can easily see the watch screen (and the information on it) on bright sunny days on the course. A huge issue with some golf watches is the glare that reflects off of the screen’s surface in direct sunlight. This the watch hard to read and can be really frustrating.

Garmin Approach S10 Golf GPS Watch - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes the Garmin Approach S10 is Waterproof.

You can play in the rain or take the Approach S10 into the shower. After each round of golf it will show the distance traveled, time played and your score, as well as allowing you to upload your stats to the Garmin Golf app’s weekly leaderboard.

No, the Garmin Approach does not have Bluetooth.

  1. Plug the small part of the USB cable into the charging port on your device.
  2. Plug the large end of the USB cable into a USB charging port.
  3. Charge the device.

Turn the unit off by holding Up for 3 seconds and then press “OK” when prompted.

Press the power button until the Garmin logo appears on the screen.

Final Thoughts

With a comfortable GPS golf watch like Garmin’s Approach S10, you will not only have all the measurements you need to play the game but also a multi-functional watch that will also give you other things like time and day. The sleek design and lightweight GPS watch features a high-resolution and display that you can easily read even under the summers hottest days. This makes this a perfect addition to any golfers arsenal.

With the added analytics and an impressive 12 hour battery life, you can’t go wrong with this watch.

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