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Clicgear Rovic RV1S

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Overview of The Clicgear Rovic RV1S Push Cart

The Clicgear Rovic RV1S golf push cart is one of the most cost efficient and innovative push carts on the market. Many compare the RV1S and the 3.5+. They both have their pros and cons and we recommend researching both before purchasing. 

The Rovic RV1S features a swivel wheel that is locked and unlocked by a leaver on the pushcart handle. The pushcart folds down into a very compact shape. Designed to be lightweight and easy to roll – this push cart will help you walk your next round with ease. The rubber straps hold your bag in place and the storage compartment is large enough for you to store all of your personal belongings and anything you might need during the round.

Unboxing the Rovic RV1S 3-Wheel Push Cart

Right out of the box – the first thing I noticed was how light the cart was. The box itself didn’t look big enough to hold a push cart (not to mention all of the packaging along with it). The entire cart when folded down measured at 60 x 38 x 33 cm. I noticed that there was no “locking mechanism” to hold the cart in place when it was folded down. After shaking it around like a mad-man for a few seconds – I can confirm that this cart doesn’t need one. The design of the cart stops it from unfolding.

How To Unfold The Rovic RV1S

Unfolding this push cart is a little confusing at first. With how compact this cart is when folded all the way down – getting it to that position can cause some stress. 

First, place the cart on the ground with the storage compartment (and branding) facing up. At the bottom of the cart, between the wheels and under the lower bag strap – there is a button. Press this and your swivel wheel will unhinge. 

Next, locate the unfolding notch. This is located just below the storage compartment – labeled with “Pull”. Grab the cart where it says pull and lift up – the wheels should expand out. You may need to help push the cart completely out – but, it doesn’t require much effort.

To the left of the unfolding notch there is a little lever that will let you adjust the handle to your desired position. We recommend not going all the way up with the handle – your irons may rub on the bottom of the storage compartment and can cause some unnecessary bag clatter.

Finally unfold all of your bag straps and put your bag on the cart. Strap the bag in and release the parking brake on the left wheel.

How To Fold The Rovic RV1S

Folding the Rovic RV1S is a little easier than unfolding. Start out by clearing all of your belongings out of the storage container. Fold down the handle by releasing the leaver on the side of the frame and locking it in a down position. 

Next, locate the button on the middle of the frame. Press this and push the cart inward – causing it to collapse down.

Finally, press the button right below the lower cart strap and fold the swivel wheel in.

As mentioned above, there is no locking mechanism when the cart is collapsed. So when the cart is collapsed you can pick it up for storage or transportation.

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Clicgear Rovic RV1S - Features


This push cart is designed with a sturdy metal that is extremely lightweight. We have found that some push carts that are trying to push the bounds of how light they can be – will fall into an issue of sturdiness in their frame. The Rovic RV1S will not have this problem. While it isn’t the lightest push cart on the market – you wont notice a difference between the two. You will also appreciate the quality of the metal put into the Rovic – we can promise that.

This push cart also has three maintenance free wheels. On the left wheel – there is a foot brake – this is the braking system of the push cart.


The storage compartment of this push cart is large enough to fit anything you may need during your round. When playing – I always have two golf balls, a divot tool, my wallet and phone and maybe a few extra tees. All of these fit within the storage compartment on this push cart with ease. On longer rounds – I will move my wallet to my bag and can fit a sandwich with the extra space.

Swivel Wheel

This push cart’s swivel wheel is attached to a lever on the right side of the handle. When you push the lever away from you, it unlocks the wheel and you can turn the cart with ease! Pulling the lever toward you will start to lock the wheel – you will need to straighten out the wheel for it to fully lock in place. To do this just gently push the cart forward until you hear or feel a click.

You may be asking – “What does a swivel wheel do for me?” 

With the front wheel unlocked you can turn the push cart on a dime. There are so many situations where this is beneficial – where I found the most use of the swivel wheel was a around the green. In the past if I was walking up to a ball to chip – I would sometimes struggle to get my cart to a position where it wouldn’t interfere with my swing, but it would keep my clubs near. Having a swivel wheel I can get around the greens easily and quickly.

The swivel wheel is the make or brake for most golfers. One one hand – having a swivel wheel helps with maneuverability and helps cut down on the overall size of the cart. On the other – having a swivel wheel eliminates the ability of a hand brake and in some situations can cause this push cart to flip. Personally, I enjoy being able to move the cart easier. I enjoy having more maneuverability around the greens and a more compact push cart over a bit more sturdiness. 

Size and Dimensions

When folded down this push cart is 13″ x 15″ x 24″

This push cart weighs in at 17 pounds. Defiantly on the heavier side of the spectrum.

Accessories Included With The RV1S

The cart came with a few push cart accessories that were high quality and appreciated. Most companies will require you to buy every accessory or attachment – not Clicgear. They include a few extras that really add value into the overall cart. The three included in this push cart are:

Umbrella Holder

This umbrella holder is top notch. It is large enough to fit umbrellas of all sizes. The push cart itself has a clip on the bottom left of the handle. The umbrella holder clips right into that clip. After multiple rounds of golf and a few uses of this umbrella holder – we never ran into an issue with the holder falling out or coming unclipped.

To use the umbrella holder – grab the holder and screw it into the notch in the center of your push cart’s handle. Screw it all the way until it is tight and sturdy. Then you can place your umbrella into the holder.

Golf Ball Holder

 In previous Clicgear models, the storage compartment came with a place to hold a few golf balls. I would have preferred this type of design over a clip on ball holder. At the end of the day, I just have a few golf balls rolling around in that compartment while this holder sits at home.

Water Bottle Holder

The water bottle holder included is perfect for most water bottles. Larger water bottles will not fit in this clip. On the sides of the push cart handle – there are little notches that you can click this holder onto. 

Problems With The Clicgear Rovic RV1S

To be entirely honest with you – this is my favorite push cart. It is the one I stuck with after testing so many different push carts. I really feel like you get the most bang for your buck with this cart.

However, That doesn’t mean that this cart is absent of issues. 

The biggest issue I have with this cart is what I believe to be a design flaw. When you are waling with the cart in mud, the cart can sometimes not ‘roll over’ a depressed spot and can turn over. Where as a non-swivel front wheel cart would more likely push through that. 

Another issue with the cart – when going onto concrete or onto cart paths, there are times where the front wheel isnt large enough and the bottom plastic part scrapes against the pavement. This happens mainly when you are trying to push the cart up and over something. For example, on my home course there is a line of railroad ties that lines the edges of the cart path. When coming from the green, up the hill to the next tee box, my cart can scrape the railroad tie.

As mentioned above the storage compartment doesn’t have an area to put golf balls. I think this is a mistake. 

In all – these problems are not issues to me at all – I have just had to learn how to use the cart a little differently.

Clicgear Rovic RV1S Pull Cart - Conclusion

The Clicgear Rovic RV1S is by far our favorite push cart. It is small and compact, but can hold everything you need. Pushing the cart is effortless and there is enough storage to hold all of your belongings. While it does have it’s drawbacks, the pros of this cart defiantly outweigh any cons. This push cart may not change your game dramatically – however, it will help you get more exercise on the course without adding any stress or strain to you during the round.

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Clicgear Pull Cart Accessories


Cooler bag

The Clicgear Cooler Bag stores your drinks and snacks while out on the course. With enough storage to hold up to 6 cans in the lower insulated pocket, this bag still has plenty of room in the upper pocket for snacks. Also features a mesh pocket for an ice pack.


Cart Seat

The Clicgear Cart Seat is a stable and durable nice seat rest on. This is the best product on a hot summer day when the foursome in front of you are trying to set the new course (time) record. With an aluminum construction, quality fit and finish, this seat will be long lasting addition to your gear.


Winter Mitts

The Clicgear Mitts is a welcomed addition for golfing in colder weather. The mitts are wind and waterproof and feature a pouch for hand warmers. One size fits all. These mitts will change your winter or cold golf experince for the better.


GPS holder

The Clicgear GPS/Phone Holder is designed to securely hold your handheld devices while on the course.


Rangefinder case

The Clicgear Rangefinder Bag allows easy access to your rangerfinder or other valuables while on the course. Features a zippered and magnetic flap closure for quick access.


Cooler tubes

The Clicgear Cooler Tube allows for easy cold drink storage on the course. Easily holds 2x 12oz beverage cans or one 32oz water bottle.


Steering Knob

The Clicgear Steering Knob is designed to make turning and steering your cart much easier. Screws into the umbrella mount.


Umbrella Angle Adjuster

The Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster easily adjusts the angle of your umbrella, front to back as well as side to side.


Wheel Cover

The Clicgear Wheel Cover is perfect for off-season storage and keeping your vehicle clean during the season. Nylon elastic fits snug over wheels.

Cup holder XL

The Clicgear XL Cup Holder accommodates over-sized drink containers. Clips on to an accessory tab.


Shoe brush

The Clicgear Shoe Brush attaches to the wheel strut for easy shoe cleaning and detaches for use as a hand brush.


Storage Hook

The Clicgear Storage Hook is a great way to stay organized, hang your cart out of the way when not in use.

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