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Srixon Q-Star Tour Golf Ball

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Srixon Q-Star Tour Overview

The Srixon Q-Star Tour is a premium, low compression golf ball designed with a urethane cover especially for golfers with moderate swing speeds that need the performance and feel of a tour ball. The Q-star Tour is engineered with tour ball technology and delivers a superior combination of distance, accuracy, green-side spin and durability. Mid-handicap golfers really enjoy this ball as it delivers the spin, soft feel and distance of a low compression golf ball, while also delivering spin and control around the greens and out of bunkers.

Srixon really found the sweet spot in the crossroads of feel, price and performance. This call can easily be used by almost any golfer. Golfers with higher swings speeds may really enjoy this ball in harsher golfing conditions. Golfers with moderate and slower swing speeds can game this ball and benefit from the easy compression and added spin around the greens. In all, this is one of the best golf balls available on the market.

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Performance Evaluation Of The Srixon Q-Star Tour


The feel of this golf ball was one of the most impressive aspects of this golf ball. This ball is engineered to be a low compression ball – designed to give players with slower and more moderate swings speeds more distance throughout their bag. From tee to green this ball delivered a soft feel. From driver to putter it was easy to use this golf ball as the it just felt great. When we were testing wedges, the ball gave enough feedback without feeling like you were ripping at the ball. It was a very smooth feel on each shot. 

Driver and Long Irons

Off the tee this golf ball was fantastic. The low compression design delivered on distance and the reduced spin of the ball made it very easy to keep the ball in play. This ball comes with the same urethane cover as the Z-Star and Z-Star XV. The core is a rubber core that compresses at lower speeds. 

Compressing the golf ball is the way the club interacts with the golf ball and it causes the ball to “spring” off of the face. This results in higher ball speeds for all clubs.

The Q-Star tour delivered a mid to high ball flight and launched fairly high. I typically hit the ball a little lower than most and I really enjoyed the help getting in the air. If you struggle to get a tour ball (or premium golf ball) into the air, this may be a solution for you. 

Because I was able to get the ball higher in the air without adding a ton of spin, I defiantly saw an increase in distance from my driver and long irons. Any golf ball that adds distance without feeling like you are hitting a rock is a plus in my book.

Short Irons & Wedges

Whenever testing mid-irons, short irons and wedges – we had a similar experience as we did with our driver testing. The ball flight was higher without ballooning on us. The urethane cover helped add some spin and grip on my shorter iron and wedge shots which helped hold a lot of greens. We think that slower speed golfers will really see the benefit in this golf ball as everything about this ball is designed to help get the ball up and stop quickly.

Closer to the green we found the Q-Star tour to check up well and to stop fairly quickly with a touch of roll out at the end. I will add that we did find this ball to check up quicker than most of the low compression balls we have tested. High lofted flop shots felt smooth and the soft cover really gave the feeling of “gripping” the ball with each groove. This added confidence in each shot. Pitching the ball felt nice and the ball delivered great run out and a contestant flight.


When putting we found the ball to be – yet again – soft and responsive. The ball does seem to be a little hot off the face, so you may want to spend some time practicing on the greens to get use to the feel. Overall, this is pretty normal with softer golf balls.

What Is The Compression of The Srixon Q-Star tour?

The Srixon Q-Star Tour is a premium, soft golf ball that has a compression of 72. This is a softer compression metric when compared to most premium golf balls. Srixon recently adjusted their design to remove 14 dimples on the golf ball that reduced the compression from 75 to 73.

Is Srixon Q-Star Tour a Good Ball?

The Srixon Q-Start Tour is a good golf ball for golfers with low to medium swing speeds. The ball is designed to be compressed at lower speeds which adds distance and feel to each shot.

Srixon Q-Star Tour Final Thoughts

Here at Best Golf Accessories – we believe,if you are trying to improve your game and you have a mid to slow swing speed (no shame) you may want to invest some time and money into testing this golf ball. This ball performed well when compared to other low compression golf balls and the urethane cover adds spin around the greens which will help develop confidence on each shot. While this golf ball is marketed to golfers with lower swing speeds, we believe every golfer can find a use for this ball. Golfers with faster swing speeds can see benefits from this ball in wet and harsh golfing conditions. The lower spin will help control the ball and the added spin around the green will feel normal when compared to most tour/performance golf balls. At the low price point, we recommend everyone keeping a sleeve in their bag.

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