The Best Golf Push Carts in 2020

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Clicgear Rovic RV1S - Best Golf Push Cart

The Clicgear Model 3.5+ is the three-wheel golf push cart with all the bells and whistles! The Clicgear 3.5+ folds for easy transport and weighs only 18 pounds for effortless maneuvering. The Clicgear 3.5+ features a handle mounted hand brake, 4 accessory tabs, cup holder, easy clip bag straps, umbrella mount, maintenance free airless tires, oversized console with scorecard, golf ball, pencil, & tee holders, easily adjustable front wheel alignment system, independent handle adjustment, and adjustable bag saddle system to accommodate all bag sizes.


  • Front Swivel Wheel
  • Folds down for travel
  • Ample storage
  • Lots of Accessory Mounts
  • Airless and durable wheels

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Best Golf Push Carts in 2020

When you play golf, walking the course is always a great form of excercise. However, carrying a bag all day can be exhausting and can even worsen your game by causing fatigue. When it comes to walking the golf course it pays to have a good, reliable push cart. Walking a golf course with a push cart can be a very enjoyable and pleasant way to spend a day.

Ideally, your push cart will be designed so you aren’t fatiguing yourself. You want to be able to put as much energy as possible into your golfing.

There are a few key things to keep in mind when selecting your push cart and the following post will highlight these as well as detailed reviews of the top-rated push carts on the market.

Best Golf Push Carts On The Market

Best Overall

Editors Choice

Best Value

Best 4 Wheel Push Cart

Best Budget Push Cart

Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 4.5/5Rating: 4.7/5Rating: 4.5/5
Swivel front wheel
Lightweight and compact
Easy stopping foot break
Improved hand brake
Durable wheels
Unmatched storage
Folds down nicely
Handle mounted brake
Four-wheel push cart
Compact size
Handle mounted brake
Lightweight at 14lbs
Budget Friendly
Lightweight design
Durable wheels
Cons:Can be difficult
to get used to the swivel wheel
Difficult to maneuver
Doesn't fit every bag
Not very compact when folded up.
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Clicgear Rovic RV1S - Best Overall

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This three-wheeled cart features a brand new swivel front wheel design. The wheel increases maneuvering in a lightweight frame that’s easy to push on any golf course. This pull cart is built to be extremely durable. With resilient parts and advanced construction that you trust in the Clicgear name.

Clicgear has outdone themslves with the Rovic Rv1s. It is an extremely durable and well-bult push cart. It is decently light and rolls smoothly when pushed on courses. When folded, it is extremely compact and can be stored anywhere. The swiveling wheel (some enjoy this, others don’t) can be locked in place to make everyone happy. This affordable push cart is one of our editors favorites of the 2020 season. We reccomend this push cart to anyone looking to make a good upgrade – without braking the bank.

Pros & Cons of the Rovic RV1S


  • Swivel front wheel
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy stopping foot brake


  • Can be difficult to get used to

Clicgear Model 3.5+ - Editors Choice

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The  3.5+ Golf Push Cart comes in eight colors! Along with the various colors this push cart has few features that separate it from the pack. Our favorite feature is the hand brake. Having a hand brake is the key feature in our opinion.

The Clicgear Model 3.5+ is the best three-wheel golf push cart in 2020. The Clicgear 3.5+ folds for easy transportation. This pull cart weighs only 18 pounds and can turn on a dime. The Clicgear 3.5+ features a handle hand brake, 4 accessory tabs, cup holder, clean clip bag straps, umbrella mount, outsized console with scorecard, golf ball, pencil, & tee holders, easily adjustable the front wheel alignment gadget, independent manage adjustment, and adjustable bag saddle device to deal with all bag sizes.

Pros & Cons of The Clicgear Model 3.5+


  • Improved hand brake
  • Durable wheels
  • Unmatched Storage


  • No swivel mechanism

Bag Boy Quad XL - Best Value

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The four wheels offer superior stability with lightweight, solid, maintenance-free tires. This push cart is extremely fordable, at only 24″ x 17″ x 16″ when compacted. This push cart features plenty of space in the compartment and offers secure Top-Lok bag holding technology.

The Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart includes as simple two-step fold system. This super compact push cart can is designed for storage and transport at only 24″ x 17″ x 16″. This four wheeled push cart offers superior stability with a lightweight, solid maintenance-free tires, Top-Lok™ Technology, a patented bag-to-cart attachment system designed to securely lock a Bag Boy or Datrek bag onto most Bag Boy push carts. This push cart is lightweight, weighing in at only 14.2 lbs. Full of features such as an extra-deep scorecard console with integrated beverage holder, mobile device holder and golf ball storage. The umbrella holder is included with storage a clip. This cart also features an extra-large accessory bag under scorecard console Handle mounted parking brake. 

Pros & Cons of the Bag Boy Quad XL


  • Extremely compact
  • Handle mounted hand brake.
  • Four-wheeled push cart


  • Doesn't fit every bag

Clicgear Model 4.0

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The Clicgear Model 4.0 push cart is Clicgear’s premier 3 wheel push cart. Weighing in at 21 pounds and made from scratch-resistant aluminum, this push cart is built to last. This cart features a mounted hand brake, large storage compartment, a mesh net under the console, airless wheels, and plenty of accessory attachment points.

The Clcigear Model 4.0 push cart is the new and improved version of the most popular push cart to date, the Clicgear 3.5+. The Model 4 takes an already fantastic product and improves upon it. Clicgear went to work to fix a few of the errors the 3.5+ had. The braking system has been upgraded and will no longer get caught or stuck in the wheel. The straps are rubber and will securely hold your bag into place. The cart is designed to be adjustable and fit any bag, stand or cart. The scorecard and pencil holder have been updated and should be easier to use than the elastic straps. We are only scratching the surface, read our Clicgear Model 4.0 push cart review.

Pros & Cons of the Bag Boy Quad XL


  • New and improved braking design
  • Cart brake on the handle
  • Lightweight 3 wheel design
  • Under-storage netting


  • No swivel wheel

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Clicgear 8+ - Best 4 Wheel Push Cart

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Clicgear’s have always been strong and sturdy, but 3 wheelers have their limits. They sometimes hit a bump wrong or turn a little sharp and can dump over. While that doesn’t happen much with Clicgear carts if you use a little common sense; the Clicgear 8 is the most sure footed cart I’ve ever pushed.

The Clicgear Model 8.0+ Push Cart comes with many features. Including a simple to use slide-to-close mechanism that folds the cart down for easy storage and transportation. Extra wide and long wheel base to increase stability on all types of terrain.  Aircraft grade, scratch-resistant aluminum tubing making  this cart incredibly durable. Dual front wheel brake system with a hand brake lock prevents the cart from rolling. Full console with a built-in scorecard holder, golf ball holder, pencil and tee holders. A storage net holds additional accessories. This cart features maintenance free airless tires roll smooth over the course. The cart comes with a cup holder, umbrella mount, and additional Clicgear accessory tabs.

Pros & Cons of the Clicgear 8+


  • Compact size for storage and transportation
  • Handle mounted parking brake


  • Pricy

CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3 - Best Budget Push Cart

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The CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5V3 push cart is light weight – weighing in at only 13lbs. This three wheeled push cart is equipped with maintenance free tires with ball bearings to insure smooth rolling and perfect traction on every type of terrain. The wide body design is helpful for effortless pushing. 

Caddytek is more budget friendly brand known for their innovation and reliability when it comes to golf carts. The Caddylite 11.5 V3 Deluxe push chart is a lightweight option that makes walking the golf course easy! Made of aluminum for strength and light weight, it’s wide-framed body design is incredibly easy to push over any terrain. The grip/handle is adjustable with four positions to be comfortable for any golfer. The Caddylite 11.5 folds and unfolds easily. You can even attach your golf bag while it’s folded! Accessories include are an umbrella holder, mesh basket and beverage holder.

Pros & Cons of the CaddyTek CaddyLite 11.5 V3


  • Budget friendly
  • Lightweight design
  • Durable wheels


  • Not extremely compact

Frequently Asked Questions About Push Carts

It is mostly preference. A four wheeled push cart is going to be more stable than a 3 wheeled push cart. However, a 3 wheeled pull cart will be easier to fold up and will most likely be lighter.

The CaddyTek Light is one of the lightest push carts on our list at a touch over 13 pounds.

Golf push (or pull) carts are an excellent way to carry your clubs. They help you get all of the athletic benefits of walking a course without having to haul your clubs around. Push carts allow for more exercise and convenience when you play a round of golf.

In order to buy the correct push cart, there’s a few things to look for to make sure you get a quality product.

First consider your budget and consider how much time you have left in your golf season. Does it make sense to buy a new push cart right at the end of the season or could the purchase wait a few months when you could find a deal? Then consider the types of accessories you want from your push cart. Then start looking at different models and consider both 3 wheel push carts and 4 wheel push carts. If you can narrow the carts down with those few points of criteria you should have no problem finding a new push cart!

There are a few different types of push carts.

A three wheeled push cart has three wheels and is generally more affordable than 4 wheel push carts. These push carts can fold up decently and are lightweight, perfect for pushing on hilly courses.

Four wheeled push carts are superior in maneuverability when compared to three wheeled push carts. 4-wheel push carts also fold down into a smaller form due to their design.

There are numerous reasons to purchase a new golf push cart. Why carry your clubs cause unnecessary stress to your back and legs? When you switch to walking with a push cart, you will notice how much less fatigued you are at the end of the round. Regardless if you are using an electric push cart, 3 wheeled push cart or 4 wheel push cart, all you have to do is focus on your next shot. Walking with a push cart is a much more non-stressful approach to playing golf.

Final Thoughts

Before you pick a push cart, it is very important that you list out your expectations, wants, and requirements from the push cart. Be sure to consider all of the best golf accessories that you could use on your next round and with your push cart.

We have put forward all information, details and tips about golf push carts before you in this article. Second, read carefully to understand the differences, benefits, and disadvantages that come with each cart since this will act your checklist. Stick to your budget and think about the saving you will encounter by not riding on a golf cart each round.