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Clicgear Model 8+

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Clicgear 8+ Push Cart Review

Clicgear has a reputation for creating the highest-priced push carts on the market. They also have a reputation for creating the most well designed and highest quality push carts on the market, as well. The Clicgear Model 8+ push cart is right in line with Clicgear’s reputation. This fantastic push cart can be used by any golfer of any level, however, the golfers that want a solid, lightweight push cart that will last them years are the consumers who will enjoy this cart the most. Packed with features and made from the highest grade metal, the Clicgear model 8+ push cart is perfect for every golfer.

Pros of The Clicgear Model 8.0+ Push Cart

The Clicgear Model 8.0+ Push Cart excels in a few areas:

  • Advanced Braking System: The brakeing system on this push cart is truly unmatched. With a handle mounted braking system, you don’t have to worry about your foot brake pedal braking off or getting caught up in a stick. You only need to worry about your round and where you are going to hit next!
  • Sturdy design: This push cart looks like a beast and it really is. Everything on the cart looks and feels solid. Some push carts feel flimsy and feel like they may brake if they flip over. Not the Clicgear 8+, this push cart feels like you can throw it out of your car and it will be fine (please do not actually throw the cart out of your car, results may vary).
  • Accessory Options: Like most Clicgear push carts, the amount of accessories you can add onto this push cart is unmatched by any other brand. With accessories ranging from a cooler and a nice seat to a sand bottle, you really can have every luxury of a gas powered golf cart in this push cart.

Cons of The Clicgear Model 8.0+ Push Cart

While this push cart does excel in a few areas, the Clicgear Model 8.0+ Push Cart does have a few few drawbacks:

  • Price: The price on this push cart is high. Four wheel push carts do offer a lot of advantages compared to 3 wheel push carts, but is the price tag worth it?
  • Poor Stand Bag Design: While this isn’t true for every bag, some customers have reported that their stand bags struggled to fit correctly into the harness of the push cart.
  • Heavy – by push cart standards: Four wheel push carts are naturally going to be heavier than 3 wheeled push carts. While, the Clicgear 8.0+ is heavy, it is somewhat light by 4 wheeled standards.

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Clicgear Model 8+ Features


The Clicgear Model 8 is a light 4 wheel push cart, but a heavier cart in general. At 22 pounds, this is a significant jump from the little brother model, the Clicgear 3.5+. This makes the Model 8+ one of the heaviest push carts we tested to date. The additional size relative to existing Clicgear carts is purely from the fourth wheel. 


One of the best features of this push cart is the hand brake that is located on the handle. Most push carts have a foot brake – not the Clicgear 8+! This push cart’s hand brake is world class. It does not take a lot to stop the push cart and activate the brake. Even on hills, this push cart stays upright and the brake doesn’t cause the push cart to turn over due to a unbalanced load.


This four wheel push cart is designed with two different sized wheels. All wheels are airless and maintenance-less wheels. These wheels are great on any terrain, from mud to the first cut. These wheels will help keep your cart moving effortlessly as you walk your round.

Folding Design

The Clicgear 8.0 push cart folds down with a few easy steps. Clicgear really knows how to design these push carts to fold down into the most compact version of the cart.

Weight and Dimensions

This push cart is light for a 4 wheel push cart, weighing in at 22 pounds and the dimensions are 27″ x 17″ x 15″.

How To Fold and Unfold a Clicgear Model 8+ Push Cart

How To Unfold The Clicgear Model 8+ Push Cart

To unfold the Clicgear Model 8+ push cart, start with the push cart folded up and the console of the facing upward.

  1. Unlock the handle lock leaver that is an accent color of the push cart.
  2. Step on the accent color foot guard with your foot. The push cart should feel a little ‘looser’.
  3. Grab the handle of the push cart while pinning the wheel down with the accented foot guard and pull up, unhinging and unfolding the push cart.
  4. The main handle leaver should click into place, letting you know that the cart is completely unfolded. Lock the same handle by pushing it into place (toward the console).
  5. Load up your golf bag and play!

How To Fold Down The Clicgear 8+ Push Cart

To fold down the Clicgear Model 8+ push cart, start with the push cart unfolded and with the parking brake on.

  1. Unload your golf bag and all of your belongings from the push cart.
  2. Lock all of the bag holders that we unfolded to place and hold our golf bag.
  3. Step on the accented foot guard and pin the wheel down with your foot.
  4. Locate the main hinge handle (not the accented lever) that is in the middle of the frame of the push cart, right under where your bag was sitting. Pull up on this lever and push in on the cart, causing it to fold down.
  5. Unlock the accented handle that we started with and let the console swing down.
  6. Lock the main handle leaver into place, letting you know that the cart is completely folded up and ready to be transported.

Clicgear Model 8+ Conclusion

The Clicgear Model 8 pushcart is an easy rolling and easily maneuverable push cart. Featuring dual front brakes operated with a handle hand brake. The design is not too bulky and is still light weight as far as push carts go. Here at we found, the only downside is that it doesn’t fit stand bags very well. Despite that this 4-wheel push cart is the best four wheel push cart on the market. There is no question about that and no other push cart really comes close.  

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Clicgear Push Cart Accessories


Cooler bag

The Clicgear Cooler Bag stores your drinks and snacks while out on the course. With enough storage to hold up to 6 cans in the lower insulated pocket, this bag still has plenty of room in the upper pocket for snacks. Also features a mesh pocket for an ice pack.


Cart Seat

The Clicgear Cart Seat is a stable and durable nice seat rest on. This is the best product on a hot summer day when the foursome in front of you are trying to set the new course (time) record. With an aluminum construction, quality fit and finish, this seat will be long lasting addition to your gear.


Winter Mitts

The Clicgear Mitts is a welcomed addition for golfing in colder weather. The mitts are wind and waterproof and feature a pouch for hand warmers. One size fits all. These mitts will change your winter or cold golf experince for the better.


GPS holder

The Clicgear GPS/Phone Holder is designed to securely hold your handheld devices while on the course.


Rangefinder case

The Clicgear Rangefinder Bag allows easy access to your rangerfinder or other valuables while on the course. Features a zippered and magnetic flap closure for quick access.


Cooler tubes

The Clicgear Cooler Tube allows for easy cold drink storage on the course. Easily holds 2x 12oz beverage cans or one 32oz water bottle.


Steering Knob

The Clicgear Steering Knob is designed to make turning and steering your cart much easier. Screws into the umbrella mount.


Umbrella Angle Adjuster

The Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjuster easily adjusts the angle of your umbrella, front to back as well as side to side.


Wheel Cover

The Clicgear Wheel Cover is perfect for off-season storage and keeping your vehicle clean during the season. Nylon elastic fits snug over wheels.

Cup holder XL

The Clicgear XL Cup Holder accommodates over-sized drink containers. Clips on to an accessory tab.


Shoe brush

The Clicgear Shoe Brush attaches to the wheel strut for easy shoe cleaning and detaches for use as a hand brush.


Storage Hook

The Clicgear Storage Hook is a great way to stay organized, hang your cart out of the way when not in use.

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