ProActive Sports F4 Tempo & Flexibility Golf Swing Trainer Review

F4 Tempo & Flexibility Golf Swing Trainer

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F4 Tempo & Flexibility Golf Swing Trainer

The F4 tempo & flexibility golf swing trainer is a golf training aid that will help you feel your swing in rhythm while maintaining balance. The F4 tempo trainer is a rubber ball that is attached to the end of a very large, flexible golf shaft with a grip at the end of it. The F4 tempo trainer weighs in at 1.65lbs and is 47 inches long.

ProActive Sports F4 Tempo & Flexibility Golf Swing Trainer Benefits

Improve Balance Tempo

As your arms and body work together, a more natural rhythm will take over your swing. This is how your tempo develops. The F4 will help you develop a balanced swing with an efficient motion.

Enhance Coordination

The F4 swing & tempo trainer will help synchronize your arms and body by forcing your arms and body to work together.

Increase Flexibility

The weight on the end of the F4 provides a low impact stretch when swinging. This will help you prepare for your round and ensure you are fully stretched out before you tee off.

Increase Strength

The F4 tempo & flexibility golf swing trainer provides a very light core and wrist workout when used regularly.

Other Benefits

The F4 really helped me discover that my swing was a little bit steep, which caused me to occasionally push the ball right or cast my arms. Using the F4 really helped keep me on plane without falling in the other direction and developing a slice.  I think this benefit came from the weighted nature of the device – similar to a Medicus, it forces your body to swing on plane. However the F4 really allows you to take a full and dedicated swing, which I find more difficult with most training aids.  

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Does It Work?

It looks a little odd when you are using it or when its sticking out of your bag. However, if you are a golfer that tends to get a little fast at the top of your backswing or if you cast the club on the way down – the F4 will be perfect for you! Its surprising how much smoother your swing will feel after swinging the F4 a few times. 

The F4 tempo & flexibility trainer is designed to help you stretch out before a round as well. The F4 is perfect for those after work 9 hole rounds, when you don’t have time to hit the driving range and you have limited time to stretch out. 

Who Is This Golf Training Aid For?

At, we believe that every golfer should have the F4 swing trainer. This training aid can be used for each and every golfer. We think this swing aid benefits golfers that do not have time to warm up before their round. The F4 is one of the best warm up tools on the market. If you are going into the off season and are worried about losing the feeling of your swing, the F4 is for you.

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