Titleist AVX Golf Ball Review

The Titleist AVX is a premium golf ball engineered to offer a soft feel and superb distance. The name AVX is an abbreviation of ‘Alternative to Pro V1 or Pro V1x’.

This ball is desgined to produce a lower ball flight and less spin when compared to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x.

The engineers at Titleist did just that – this ball does just that – if you struggle with a high ball fight that is difficult to control because of the spin, this ball may be perfect for you.

While this ball is designed to spin less overall, that doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice spin around the green with wedge shots. 

This ball has a urethane cover that provides tour level performance and control around the greens, that you may lose when playing some other lower spin golf balls.

This ball is great for higher handicap golfers that need more distance off of each club while still wanting to have great spin and control around the greens.

We believe this is the best golf ball for high handicap golfers in 2022.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls, Yellow (One Dozen)
  • Remarkable Distance and Penetrating Flight
  • Very Low Long Game and Iron Spin
  • Exceptionally Soft Feel
  • Premium Scoring Control

Performance Evaluation Of The Titleist AVX


The Titleist AVX is a softer feeling golf ball that you will notice right away. The AVX feels softer than the Pro V1 and Pro V1x. With wedges, irons and the driver, you will notice the softness of this golf ball. This golf ball feels similar to a Callaway Chrome Soft. 

Driver and Long Irons

Similar to the ProV1, the Titleist AVX features a 352 tetrahedral dimple design. You can see the difference on the edges of the AVX dimples when compared to the Pro V1. These dimples have a much sharper profile.

This is a patented technology by Titleist that ads another tool to the tool box for refining and optimizing golf ball flight performance.

The low penetrating ball flight will help a lot of the high handicap golfers keep the ball under control. The low spin of the golf ball also helps keep give more distance off all shots as well.

This premium golf ball will spin enough to hold on fast greens when you don’t hit the ball high enough.

Short Irons & Wedges

With the decreased spin we saw from the irons. I was expecting the short game spin to be lower as well. On full wedge swings, we found this to be true. The Titleist AVX had about ~1500 – 1700 fewer RPM than the ProV1 on full pitching and sand wedge swings.

While the spin is reduced on most full swing shots, the ball flight is strong enough to fight through the wind and should go the same distance.

When moving to shorter shots, we found the spin gap between the Titleist ProV1 and AVX shrunk exponentially. Shots around the green were easy to control and spun as much as a Pro V1 would.


Putting with the AVX is great off of the putter face. The soft feel really translates well into putting and gives you a consistent feel with every putt.

Titleist AVX Golf Balls, Yellow (One Dozen)
  • Remarkable Distance and Penetrating Flight
  • Very Low Long Game and Iron Spin
  • Exceptionally Soft Feel
  • Premium Scoring Control


What is the difference between Titleist Pro v1 and AVX?

Compared to the Titleist Pro V1, the AVX has a lower, more penetrating ball flight than the new 2020 Pro V. The AVX will also spin less than Pro V1, most noticeably on iron and wedge shots. In the end the AVX feels as soft as the Pro V1.

What is compression of Titleist AVX?

The Titleist AVX compression is around 80. Compared to the Pro V1 and Pro V1x this ball is easier to compress. The Pro V1 is about a 90 compression and the Pro V1x is about a 100 compression. The AVX is easier to compress and the urethane cover offers exceptional feel and spin around the greens.

Is Titleist AVX a Good Ball?

The Titleist AVX is a premium performance golf ball for golfers who want and need distance, soft feel  and a piercing, low ball flight. This ball is designed with a new breakthrough core, new cover material and a dimple construction. Titleist calls the AVX their lowest flying, lowest spinning and softest feeling golf ball to date.

Titleist AVX Final Thoughts

The Titleist AVX golf ball is (as advertised), a Tour-designed golf ball, with a focus on distance and soft feel.

This premium ball is engineered with a urethane outer cover and will appeal to a wide range of players, especially players who are looking for the major benefits of a tour-level ball without all the risks associated with a premium, multi-piece ball – such as too much spin and durability issues.

If you hit the ball a long ways and do not produce a ton of spin to start with with you may want to avoid the AVX.

However, if you are looking to add distance or looking to keep your spin rate or trajectory lower – the AVX is worth a try to get the distance or flight you’ve been searching for from a premium ball.

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