Vice Tour Golf Ball Review

This was by far my least favorite ball that I tested. I attribute part of my review to the fact this ball was tested directly after my FANTASTIC testing of the Vice Pro and Vice Pro Plus.

It was like they took every aspect that I didn’t care for, from each Vice golf ball and threw it together into this golf ball. The ball felt as hard as the Vice Drive, it had a lower ball flight like the Pro Soft. The ball was difficult to control off the tee.

In sum, I personally did not care for this golf ball.

When you compare the technology that was put into this golf ball, it’s interesting to see.

Higher handicap players usually benefit from a lower amount of dimples, harder outer skin and a lower number of cores. Lower handicap players benefit from a higher number of dimples, softer outer skin and more cores in a golf ball (that they can compress).

I don’t really understand why vice would take a high amount of dimples, tough outer skin and a 3 piece golf ball.

It’s like they were trying to please too many people at once.

BallDimples# of Cores Outer Ball Skin
Vice Drive3182 PieceSurly de DuPont
Vice Tour3923 PieceSurly de DuPont
Vice Pro3183 PieceCast Urethane
Vice Pro Soft3183 PieceCast Urethane
Vice Pro Plus3924 PieceCast Urethane

Now, while I didn’t care for this ball – I am sure there are others that will really enjoy this golf ball. I think this golf ball suits mid to high handicap golfers that want to save money on golf balls.

This three piece, 392 dimple golf ball is one of the best values from Vice golf. If you purchase 5 boxes your price per box comes out to $15.95.

Now, I may not have enjoyed the golf ball but I could totally see myself buying 5 dozen of these if I did like the golf ball, even a little bit.

That price point is just too good.

After writing this review and testing against an NXT Tour, I think these golf balls are somewhat comparable. The NXT Tour is much softer than the Pro Tour.

At the end of the day, I think these golf balls are both misfits among a great selection of golf balls – from both Vice and Titleist.

Vice Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • 3-Piece Construction
  • 392 Aerodynamic Dimple Design For More Stability
  • Soft Energy Speed Core (Esc) For Extra Distance And Smooth Feel At Impact
  • Outstanding Distance Off The Tee With Minimum Dispersion

Vice Tour – On Course Performance Review


Off the putter face the Vice Tour felt clicky. I honestly kind of liked this. The difference in sound was very noticeable and I could tell whenever I didn’t hit the center of my putter.

I am also a fan of Vice’s putting assist line. I think it helps out and it is nice to not always have to draw that line onto my balls.


When I was testing the Vice Tour with my wedges I did not really enjoy the feeling off the face. The ball spun a lot and it was difficult to control.

I could feel myself trying to hit shorter and shorter shots to try and make sure that I could get the ball to go where I wanted it to.

Hitting full wedges was also difficult. I struggled to get the ball to consistently go the same distance.

In the end, this ball was far better than a Top Flight – but when you compare it to the Vice Pro or Pro Plus, this ball is not even in the same realm.


My experience with the Vice Tour when testing with my irons was about the same as when I was testing with my wedges. The Vice Tour just struggled to perform consistently.

There would be a few really nice shots that would hold the green and would give me some promise – however, then I would hit another few shots that feel the exact same and I miss the green entirely.


Off the driver this ball was a challenge. I would hit what would feel like a really good shot, only for it to spin off on me 10 more yards that I would care for. When hitting – it felt like a rock off the tee.

It was interesting to feel the difference between the Tour, Pro and Pro Soft. They are all 3 piece balls, but the Cast Urethane skin really provides a softer feel off the tee.

Vice Tour vs Titleist NXT Tour – Ball Spin

The Vice Tour is best compared to the Titleist NXT Tour. While I think this ball has a place for certain players. If you play Top Flite or any other harder golf ball, and you are looking for a bit more consistency, the Vice Tour is worth a try!

Vice Tour Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • 3-Piece Construction
  • 392 Aerodynamic Dimple Design For More Stability
  • Soft Energy Speed Core (Esc) For Extra Distance And Smooth Feel At Impact
  • Outstanding Distance Off The Tee With Minimum Dispersion

Vice Tour – Conclusion

All things considered, the Vice Tour has a place for some golfers. I believe higher handicap golfers or golfers with slower swing speeds, looking for distance and are able to produce a consistent swing will benefit from this golf ball.

I think this type of golf ball is best suited for senior golfers that need the distance boost from a hard ball, but can also hit the ball straight.

This makes this type of golf ball a little niche – but I really think this is the target market for this ball.

Here at we are always after a good value.

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