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Bag Boy Quad XL

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Bag Boy Quad XL - Overview

The Bag Boy Quad XL 4-Wheel push cart is a fantastic golf push cart that will make your next outing effortless as you walk the course. It has a lightweight frame constructed from aluminum that makes it easy to push and very durable. The four wheels are airless and maintenance free. They give it fantastic stability, and it includes a handle-mounted brake that any golfer can locate and use effortlessly. This push cart was designed to be able to fold and unfold with ease. If you add the fact that it also has an oversized storage compartment below the scorecard holder you can see that this push cart is fantastic for the price and is jam packed with features.

Bag Boy Quad XL Folding and Unfolding

How To Unfold The Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart

First thing you need to do is set the push cart down on the ground, where all four wheels are holding up the cart. Grab the middle bar of the push cart, this is the bar that is between the console and then bag holder on the base of the cart. Pull the bar up until you hear an audible click! 

The push cart should look almost complete, however, the console should be hanging down. Open the lever on the top of the middle bar. This lever is right underneath one of the bag supports, right on the joint that holds the console frame and the middle bar together. Releasing this lever will allow the console to swing freely. Pull the console up to a comfortable walking position and push the lever back into its original position, locking the console. 

Finally, place your bag into the cart and adjust the straps to where the cart is fully supporting the bag and has it securely in place. You are now ready to go!

How To Fold Down The Bag Boy Quad XL Push Cart

Folding down the bag boy quad XL push cart is about as easy as it is to unfold. First, remove your bag and all of your belongings from the push cart. Undo the lever that holds the console up and push it all the way down to the frame and lock it into place. Underneath the larger wheels axle is a lever that you can pull to then fold the rest of the cart down. Be careful pulling this as it can pinch your fingers! When you have the cart fully folded, you are able to pick it up for storage or transportation.

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Bag Boy Quad XL 4 Wheel Push Cart - Features


This push cart is designed with a unique aluminum frame tubing that is lightweight without sacrificing durability.


One of the best features of this push cart is the hand brake that is located on the handle. Most push carts have a foot brake – not the Bag Boy Quad XL. Hand brakes are easier to use when on the course in our opinion.


This four wheel push cart is designed with two different sized wheels. The front wheels are 9.5 inches. The rear wheels are 11.5 inches. All wheels are made out of foam so you don’t have to worry about maintenance of the wheels.

Folding Design

This modern cart will fold and unfold in two steps. Unfold the clamp on the handle and fold the cart down. It’s that easy!

How Mush Does The Bag Boy Quad XL Weigh?

This push cart is lightweight, weighing in at 16 pounds and the dimensions are 24 x 17 x 16 inches.

Bag Boy Quad XL - Conclusion

The Bag Boy Quad XL is a great push cart for the money. This cart exceeded our expectations on and off the course. Most 4-wheel push carts cost more than this cart. It’s mobility on the course with all of your gear. A golfer can get around the course easily and effortlessly with this four wheeled push cart. With an efficient brake system, Velcro straps, plenty of storage and multiple color options, this cart is a great cart for the price. Read more of our blogs, such as, how to make your own golf yardage book and other push cart reviews on

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