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EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0

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EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 - Overview

Training aids these days can come in all shapes and sizes. The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 is one of those training aids that might turn you off at first glance. However, this is one of our favorite training aids of the year. This golf training aid can help straighten out your slice, teach you how to hit a draw or just hit the dang ball straighter. 

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How Does The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 Work?

The EyeLine Golf Ball Speed Trap 2.0 helps golfers learn a few things.

  1. Swinging The Golf Club On a Correct Plane: Learning how to swing the club on plane will help you square up the club face and hit the golf ball longer and straighter. When you learn how to swing the club on an inside to out or outside to in swing plane – you can start controlling your shots. The EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0 does just that. By giving you rods that you HAVE to miss – you will feel how to swing the club to shape the ball.
  2. Trapping the Golf Ball At Impact: Hitting the ball first and then the ground is what trapping the ball means. The ball is “squeezed” between the ground and club creating spin and adding distance to your shot.

How To Use The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0

The EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0 is easy to use. First, aim the plate down your target line – always practice with a target in mind. Take a few tees  and put them in the holes to secure the EyeLine plate to the ground. Finally place the rods to the velcro circles on each corner. 

These rods will face you at an angle. When you have the rods set up, double check that the target line is correct and you are aimed at your intended target.

To start, we recommend placing the rods as wide as possible. Hitting through this training aid can be a little odd at first – this will help get you used to the swing path and feel of hitting through the device. After you use it a few of times you will learn the swing plane and can start narrowing the rods closer together, forcing the golf swing to be precise.

We found lower handicap golfers will prefer to work with a more narrow alignment, training them to swing on the correct plane continuously. Higher handicap golfers really benefit from this tool because it helps you learn the feeling of hitting the ball left or right. 

How To Use The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0

Hitting The Ball Straight

Swinging a golf club on the correct plane is a lot more complicated than you might think. Swinging on the correct swing path coming down into the ball will help you hit the ball straighter. 

The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 can help you learn how to swing and groove a perfect swing path. To set this up – you need to set up all 4 of the red velcro pillars. This will force you to swing straight back and come into the ball along the same path. When you start feeling this path you can then help expose other areas of your swing that could be improved – such as your stance, ball position or grip. You can learn how to have a very neutral swing path that helps decrease the amount of hooked or sliced shots.

Hitting a Fade or Eliminating a Hook

Using the EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0 you can learn how to hit predictable and consistent fades. To hit a fade, you want to create a slightly outside to in swing path. 

Creating an outside to in swing path is easier for most amateur golfers, because it is a more natural swing path for us. To create this type of swing path – using the EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0, position one rod on the left outside and right inside spot. This will stop you from taking the club on a severe inside path and force you to take it out more. On impact, this training aid will force you hit “more across” the ball, sending it on a more clockwise rotation – creating a nice fade.

Hitting a Draw or Fixing a Slice

Most amateur players main miss is a slice and they dream of hitting beautiful little draws down the fairway. The EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 can help you with this. 

The most common cause of a slice is a severe outside to inside swing, which produces a more over the top movement – leaving the club face open at impact. With this device you can adjust the velcro rods to help teach you how to swing inside to out – we promise this is going to feel wrong and weird. However, this is exactly what you want. 

To set this up – you want to place on rod on the left inside and right outside of the board. This will force you to take the club on the inside and hit through on the right outside of the ball – teaching you to spin the ball on a counterclockwise axis rotation – creating a draw.

Chipping and Pitching

One of our favorite uses for this tool is chipping and pitching. It is amazing how strange your line up and swing plane get when you are trying to take shorter swings. Using this device consistently will help you learn how to make better contact with the ball. 

We recommend setting up all four pillars as tight as you can,  to get a very tight swing plane through the ball. This will help you hit down on the ball and eliminate errors that you may have missed before, because of your swing path.

EyeLine Golf Speed Trap 2.0 - Conclusion

Here at Bestgolfaccessories.net we love the EyeLine Speed Trap 2.0. It is simple and effective in all areas of the game. We have been able to use this at the range, on the course, putting greens, chipping areas and even bunkers! 

Our one recommendation is to start slow with this training aid. Don’t just jump into using this device with your driver and all four pillars set up tightly together – you may end up sending one of the pillars down the range. However, one of our writers has started using this in their warm-up routine. They had this to say –

“I love the product. Whenever I am at the range before a round I always bring this out around the middle of my session to make sure I am swinging with a neutral swing. I found that my swing path and tempo were different day to day. Somedays I could come out there and hit a draw, fade or straight ball. Others I could only hit a fade and a hook. Incorporating this tool into my warm up has really given me a more consistent feel with my swing. I have a lot less guess work on the back swing. I also found on days that I couldn’t hit a draw or fade – if I spend a few shots with the EyeLine set up correctly – I could introduce that swing plane into my swing – which gave me more confidence on the fist tee.”

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