What Is The Best Way To Store Golf Clubs In The Garage?

If you’re like many golfers, you have a garage full of golf clubs. But how do you store them so they’re easy to access when you need them? And how can you make sure they’re protected from the elements?

What’s the best way to store golf clubs in the garage? The best way to store golf clubs in the garage is by hanging them on a club organizer or storing them in a golf bag.

If you hang the clubs on a club organizer, make sure that you leave enough space between each club so that they can air out. If you store the clubs in a golf bag, be sure to unzip the bag so that they can air out as well.

Check out these tips for storing your golf clubs in the garage.

Storing your golf clubs in a proper manner is more important than you might think. Leaving your golf clubs in your trunk all summer leaves you at risk for damaging your clubs. The main reason for this is that heat is amplified in the trunk.

While your clubs aren’t going to melt in your trunk – the glue and epoxy that holds the club head onto the shaft can weaken. The glue holding the grips in place can also break down causing the grip to slide on the shaft.

So if you can’t leave your golf clubs in your trunk – where is the next best place to store them?

For most, the garage is the answer! However, it may not be the answer for everyone!

Is Your Garage Temperature Controlled?

The most important question you need to answer before storing your clubs in the garage is… Is your garage temperature controlled? 

As we mentioned above, heat can damage golf clubs. While heat can damage them, severe cold can also damage golf clubs. When clubs are exposed to extreme cold temperatures they can suffer in the same manner they do from extreme heat. The epoxy is at risk and your grips can become more brittle. While lower temperatures aren’t as damaging as heat, it can still cause grips to dry out and puts your clubs at unnecessary risk.

If your garage is temperature controlled (stays between 40 – 80 degrees), you have nothing to worry about! Feel free to store them anywhere – be sure to keep them in a dry area of the garage to avoid rusting.

Long-Term Golf Club Storage In The Garage

If you live in the north, each season you probably have to go through the sad ritual of hanging up your clubs for the winter (we feel your pain). If you find yourself in this realm – you should be fine to store your clubs in the garage as long as it will stay above freezing during the winter. As mentioned above, be sure to put them in a dry area of the garage to help avoid rust.

Before you retire your golf arsenal for the season, be sure to do the following:

  • Clean your golf clubs: This is a commonly missed step for most golfers. Cleaning your golf clubs should be something you do after ever round (or every shot). However, cleaning them before hanging up your clubs for the season is more important. Leaving the dirt and other crud in the grooves can cause rust and damage to your clubs over the winter. Don’t forget to clean in the grooves and clean your grips!
  • Clean your push cart: This is something most golf push trolley owners neglect to do during the winter months. Spray off your push cart and get all of the pollen, dirt, animal poop (for us muni golfers) and any other debris from your cart. Be sure to clean out the storage compartment!
  • Clean your golf shoes: Was all of the soaked in dirt and mud from your shoes and make sure they aren’t stained for next season. Look into putting new spikes in your shoes as well!
  • Wash your golf towel: Clean it up for next season. Chances are – you haven’t washed it all season. 
  • Dry out your umbrella for a day: This is something I learned the hard way. Umbrellas need to be dried out after use, if you used your umbrella this season – open it up for one night and let everything dry out!
  • Clean out your golf bag: Finally, clean all of the crap out of your golf bag. Remove all of your receipts, sandwich bags, golf ball sleeves and anything else that is just taking up room in your bag.

Organizing Your Golf Gear For The Winter

Organizing your golf gear for the winter can be a pretty big task. After you have followed our tips mentioned above – everything should be clean and ready to store for the winter. Remove any electronics that don’t need to be left in a colder garage all winter. This includes any GPS‘ or rangefinders you may have. 

When your golf bag is emptied out, we recommend undoing the laces on your golf shoes and storing them in the largest pocket of your golf bag. This will help keep them with your golf gear. You will then want to put on your golf bag’s rain cover and store it in a dry part of your garage. 

If you have the room and are really wanting to organize your golf gear, check out a garage golf organizer like this one.

These are easy to put together and gives you a spot for your shoes, balls, towels and any other golf accessories you may have.

You will never have to question where your gear is and when spring rolls around – you won’t be hunting down all of your lost gear. 

Where To Store Your Golf Clubs If You Don’t Have a Temperature Controlled Garage

If you do not have a temperature controlled garage, we would suggest storing your clubs in a closet or somewhere out of the way.

While this is not ideal and may make it harder to get your clubs out to practice swing in your living room (we have all done it) or practice putting in the den – your clubs will be safer and at less risk than leaving them in a hot garage or hotter trunk.