How Long Does 4 Holes of Golf Take?

The dullest part of any golf game is when the golfers slow down their play. How long one round of golf takes depends on players’ capabilities and the course. Still, there are specific time expectations for each type of hole.

So, how long does 4 holes of golf take?

The average person takes around 2 hours and 10 minutes to finish playing a game of golf with four holes. While some people may be able to finish in less time, others may take longer depending on their skills and experience.

golf ball and a hole

Every golf course can have a different number of par-4 holes. Some courses can have as many as fourteen or just six.

In this article, the time it takes to play these holes is determined based on the most typical old American courses that generally have ten par-4 holes.

If you are interested in how long it will take to play these holes and what can affect each round read our article for more details.

How Long Should It Take to Play Each Par-4 Hole?

A par-4 hole is the most common type of hole found on every full-sized golf course. It is considered that professional players need only four strokes to complete each one. With the tee shot, one has to hit the fairway, the second stroke is expected to hit the green, and then two putts are required to get the ball into the hole.

That can take 13 minutes to accomplish. When playing on standard golf courses that have ten holes, it will take an expert golfer two hours and ten minutes to finish the game. Additionally, inexperienced golfers that struggle to hit the ball appropriately with different types of irons and have difficulty with accuracy will take much longer to play each hole properly.

A golfer, hitting a ball

How Much Time Does One Need for Other Holes?

Typical golf courses don’t have just 4-par holes. There are three types of holes categorized – par-3s, par-4s, and par-5s. There are generally four par-3s and four par-5s. The entire game usually lasts approximately 3 hours and 54 minutes. Also, six minutes are required to travel between each hole. Here is how long it is expected for a golfer to play other types of holes:

  • Par-3 holes – 10 minutes are needed for each one but 40 minutes for all par-3s
  • Par-5 holes – 16 minutes are needed for each one but 1 hour and 4 minutes for all

What Do We Call Scores on Par-4s?

On one golf hole, the score can be determined in relation to par ( one-under, one-over, minus -1, or +1). Also, scoring terms such as bogeys, birdies, eagle, double eagle, and hole-in-one can be used, too.  When a player accomplishes to get the ball into the hole on a par of 4 with just four strokes, it is considered an even shot. Here is an overview of scores on a par of 4.

A score of 2an eagle – player succeeded at completing the hole in two shots fewer than the par
A score of 3a birdie – One stroke less than part
A score of 4a par – The score was completed in the number of strokes originally required and listed on the scorecard
A score of 5a bogey –  One shot over par
A score of 6a double bogey – Two shots over par
A score of 7a triple bogey – Three shots over par

Would Riding in a Golf Cart Accelerate the Game?

Contrary to popular belief, riding in a golf cart won’t always allow you to play golf for a shorter period of time. When there are two golfers riding in a cart, and they both have to ride to their balls and spend time hitting their shots, the waiting period in between will make the round last longer.

A good way how players can accelerate the game is when the first player arrives at his golf ball; the second one shouldn’t wait for him but simply take a couple of new golf clubs and walk to another ball and prepare for his shot.

Once the first player has finished, he could pick up the second player and go to the next shot. When each player simply walks to their shot, the amount of time spent on the course can be reduced as well.

A golfer hitting the ball on the golf course

What Factors Can Impact the Duration of the Game?

Among the most important aspects that will determine the flow of the game is the capability of the player. When an inexperienced golfer requires more strokes to complete a single hole, it will impact the duration of the game. Also, when professionals play, the games are usually fast and efficient.

Another factor that is to be taken into account is the tee time intervals. Every golf course establishes its play schedule between tee times. Some have intervals of 15 minutes and some eight minutes. The shorter the intervals, the more players on the course, resulting in slower games.

How the course is set up will also impact the duration. When they have many water hazards, various obstacles, sand bunkers, and tree-lined fairways, it will take longer to accomplish all ten par-4s in record time.

When you play the sport in cold weather, the ball might not fly as far, and the additional warmer clothing may restrict the golfer from playing well and accomplishing a fast swing. Therefore weather conditions can also be an important factor when wanting to play a speedy round of golf.

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Ready to Hit Your Par-4s?

Everyone who is starting their golf journey should know that playing and completing all par-4s last about 2 hours and ten minutes. For every course that has ten par-4s, the player will spend approximately 13 minutes taking shots.

If you want to speed up the game, it would be best to choose to play in agreeable weather conditions and on a course that has long tee time intervals. Also, packing up a golf bag for a push cart and walking to each ball is better than driving in the golf cart.