4 Hybrid Distance: Your Comprehensive Guide

Nowadays golfers are getting better and for the improvement of their game, everyone is using different equipment. One of the most used equipment is a hybrid club which has become more liked by the golfers in recent years. 

For all the golfers with different levels of ability, the 4 hybrid distance is the best option among the different types of hybrid clubs. The 4 hybrid distances have a range of 145 yards for the female golfers and 180 yards for the male golfers. 

In this blog we will learn about the 4 hybrid distances, and how we can use them for a desired distance, comparing them with the other hybrids. And also we will discuss why it makes a very good addition to any golfer’s bag. 

What Is A 4-Hybrid?

A 4 Hybrid is often thought of as being the easier-to-hit club when compared to a 4 iron. However, don’t mistake a hybrid for a long approach choice that is only appropriate for players with poor contact and sluggish swing speeds.

The head shape and shaft length of hybrid golf clubs are greater than those of 4 irons by nature. Despite the lofts being the same, this enables golfers to consistently swing the hybrid a little faster, giving them a little bit more speed and distance in comparison.

In addition, hybrids have faces that are more naturally forgiving than 4 irons, so the ball will leave the ground on a hybrid more quickly from center hits.

The center of gravity of a hybrid club is, as you can see from the image below, lower and deeper behind the golf ball at the address than it is for a 4 iron. Hybrids’ inherently higher and straighter ball flight is caused by their lower center of gravity, but this lower center of gravity also makes hybrids’ height more difficult to regulate than a 4 iron.

Hybrid Distances Vs. Irons

Why Hybrids Are Simpler To Hit

There are a few factors to take into account when comparing hybrid and iron distances. Hybrids and long irons differ primarily in that hybrids have a larger clubhead and a lower center of gravity, making them simpler to hit. Because of this, most golfers prefer to use hybrids over long irons to drive the ball farther.

For instance, the average distance for a 4 hybrid is about 180 yards, whereas the average distance for a 4 iron is about 170 yards. Of course, these distances can change depending on things like swing speed, ball flight, and loft.

Hybrid clubs can assist a golfer’s bag in filling up any distance gaps, which is something else to keep in mind. A golfer who, for instance, smashes their 3 wood 230 yards and their 5 iron 160 yards may have trouble selecting the proper club for a 200-yard shot.

Comparing A Degree Of Loft And A 4 Hybrid To An Iron

Usually, the loft of a 4 hybrid ranges from 22 to 24 degrees. Generally speaking, the loft lies within this range, though it might vary significantly according to the club’s model and manufacturer.

The loft of the 4 hybrids, when compared to irons, is most similar to that of a 4 or 5 iron. While the lofts are comparable, the hybrid club has several advantages over a regular iron that has a similar loft.

A long iron can be harder to hit than a hybrid club because of the features it has in its design. For instance, the hybrid club usually has a bigger club head and a lower center of gravity, which aids in launching the ball higher and more precisely.

Best Uses Of 4-Hybrid

Hybrid shots don’t take as much ball-striking talent to accomplish as long-iron alternatives, despite being quite enjoyable in their own right.

The larger, easier-to-hit hybrids produce better results for players who are less confident in their ability to strike the ball.

Golf courses that demand longer approach shots towards greens protected by hazards like bunkers or water are excellent places to utilize a hybrid. The high-flying and swiftly stopping hybrids are excellent for players who lack confidence in their iron-striking abilities or who want to make sure they cover the hazard.

Additionally, low-spin golfers who strike the ball with a greater sweeping motion at contact gain a lot from the naturally higher-spin hybrid clubs produce. 

The 4-Hybrid Ball Position And Technique

The ball should be a little bit more forward in your stance than it should be with a 4 Iron when striking a 4 Hybrid. The ball should typically be placed one ball width inside your front heel.

Hybrid clubs benefit greatly from this stance since it encourages a shorter angle of attack and a sweeping action during the swing.

A fairway wood’s swing motion is more comparable to that of a 4 Hybrid than a long iron’s. Focus on keeping your head still during the swing, swinging at a smooth speed, and making strong contact with the ball.

Keep your leading arm straight at the peak of your backswing as you slowly flex your wrists as you take the club back. Change to your front foot as you enter the downswing, then start a smooth hip rotation in the direction of the target.

Should I Carry A 3 And 4 Hybrid?

The ideal option for golfers who struggle with long irons and fairway woods is to carry a 3 and 4 hybrid to make up for the absence of a 5-wood, 4-iron, and 5-iron. In this case, holding a 3 and 4 hybrid club enables you to bridge any potential distance gaps between your 3-wood and mid-irons.

The Bottom Line 

A 4-hybrid distance is much better if you are a golfer of any skill level because it can perform in a variety of conditions and take a few extra strokes on the green. 

Senior golfers and players with higher handicaps have been playing the game longer like the four hybrid distances. In this article, we learned about the functions, benefits, and driving range of a four-hybrid car. Making a choice, choosing the best club, and keeping your bag with the best and most expensive clubs inside will all come naturally to you. 

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