What Shaft Is Best for My Swing Speed

Besides dedication and skill, there are a lot of other elements that affect your golf performance, and the right shaft is one of the most important. So, if you want to better your golfing performance, here is a detailed guide on what shaft is best for my swing speed.

The right shaft for your swing speed depends on many factors, such as shaft flex, weight, length, trajectory, and the overall feel of your golf club. For those with faster swing speeds, steel shafts are a better choice, while those with slower swing speeds should opt for graphite shafts. If you can not decide on the right club on your own, it might be best to get a custom fit.

A man playing golf
Having the right shaft on your club is crucial for a good game

In Order to Find the Golf Club That Fits You Best, You Have to Be Aware of Your Swing Speed

Before you start looking into different kinds of golf clubs and shafts, you have to know what your swing speed is. There are several ways to determine it, but the most effective and accurate way is using a launch monitor. These days, finding an affordable, portable launch monitor is easy, and it’s a mandatory step if you want to take your game to another level.

On average, an amateur will have a swing speed of 80-90 mph, which is considered to be slow. A swing speed of above 105 mph is considered to be fast. Depending on whether you have a slow or fast swing speed, you will choose different shafts.

A man hitting a golf ball on the field
Different shafts are designed for different swing speeds

There Are Many Factors to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Shaft

Unfortunately, knowing your swing speed isn’t enough to determine what shaft would be the best fit for you. Here are all the factors you should consider when choosing your next golf club or replacing your existing shaft.

Start By Choosing the Right Material for Your New Shaft

The first decision you need to make is which material you would like your new shaft to be made out of. You can choose between two types – steel and graphite shafts. Both options are great, but they are meant for different techniques and golfers.

Steel shafts are meant for more experienced players with normal or fast swing speeds. They are much heavier and more affordable than graphite, and they offer more movement control and accuracy. With steel shafts, it’s harder to achieve the same distance as with graphite ones, which is why good swing speed is so important.

On the other hand, graphite shafts are considerably lighter, more flexible, and even though they come at a steeper price point, they are the most popular shaft type. They are perfect for both beginners and professionals, and they’re great for those lacking in swing speed, as they focus on distance and help produce more speed. The only disadvantage is that graphite shafts offer less control and accuracy.

The Right Flex Rating Is Crucial

One of the most important things to keep in mind when selecting a shaft is what kind of flex it has. The flex of a shaft is its ability to bend when swinging. It determines the direction and distance in which the golf ball will go. Amateurs and those with slower swing speeds benefit from more flexible shafts like Ladies, Senior, or Regular, and those with faster swing speeds (95 mph and more) typically opt for stiffer shafts such as Stiff or Extra Stiff. Here are the different kinds of flex ratings you can find, from least flexible to most:

  • Stiff (S) and Extra Stiff (XS),
  • Firm (F),
  • Regular (R),
  • Amateur (A),
  • Senior (S),
  • And Ladies (L).

Find the Perfect Shaft Length

If you want to improve your swing, having a golf club that is the appropriate shaft length is extremely important. If your club isn’t the right length for you, your whole game can be off. Shorter people need shorter shafts, while tall golfers need longer ones. Also, shorter shafts offer more control but lack the distance, while longer shafts make it easier to achieve better speeds and distances but sacrifice the control and stability of the swing.

Make Sure the Shaft Feels Right

Another tip for picking out the perfect shaft for you is to get a good feel of it. Make sure to try out a few different types of shafts and see which one feels right. Once you pick up the right golf club, you will know immediately, and you will see an instant improvement in your game.

A man playing golf, holding a golf club
Get a good feel of the new shaft

If You Can’t Choose the Right Shaft on Your Own – Get Your Next Club Custom Fitted

If you’re an amateur looking to better your game or someone buying a professional, high-end club for the first time and you don’t feel like you have enough experience to determine which kind of a golf shaft is right for you, it may be best to get someone far more experienced to do it for you. A custom-fitted golf club ensures you will not waste your hard-earned money and that you will have the perfect golf club tailored specifically to your needs, ready to help you improve your game for years to come.

A golf club and golf ball with sugar written on it lying on the grass
Getting a custom-fitted golf club is always a good idea for those with less experience

Use Our Guide to Figure Out What Shaft Is Best for My Swing Speed and Better Your Game Immediately

While picking out the perfect shaft for your game may seem overly complicated, it actually comes down to this – if you have a fast swing speed, you should look for steel, stiff, shorter shafts, while those with slower swing speeds should opt for graphite, more flexible, longer shafts. With our guide, you can pick out the perfect shaft and see how big of a difference proper equipment makes.