The Tumultuous Journey of Pat Perez in LIV Golf

In the world of professional golf, few stories are as interesting as Pat Perez’s journey with LIV Golf. From his big signing to his controversial comments about Tiger Woods, Perez’s time in the Saudi-backed league has been full of drama. Now, as he faces the possibility of being kicked out, let’s dive into the ups and downs of his career in LIV Golf.

Pat Perez’s Decision to Join LIV Golf

A Bold Move

In 2022, Pat Perez made headlines by signing a $10 million contract with LIV Golf. His decision got mixed reactions, with many questioning his motives and the future of the league.

Facing Criticism

Perez’s move to LIV Golf was not without its critics. Among them was Tiger Woods, who questioned the competitive spirit and incentives of the new league. Woods’ comments sparked a heated response from Perez, setting the stage for a public feud.

The Controversial Comments on Tiger Woods

Perez’s Outburst

In a candid interview on the “Son of a Butch” podcast, Perez didn’t hold back his feelings about Woods’ criticism. He called Woods’ comments “the stupidest thing” he had ever heard, causing a media frenzy.

The Fallout

Perez’s remarks drew a lot of attention, both positive and negative. While some applauded his honesty, others felt he had crossed a line. The incident highlighted the growing tension between LIV Golf and the traditional PGA Tour.

The Highs and Lows of Perez’s LIV Golf Career

Early Success

Perez’s initial performances in LIV Golf were promising. He showed his talent and justified his hefty contract with several strong finishes.

Struggles and Setbacks

However, as the league progressed, Perez faced challenges. Inconsistent performances and injuries hampered his progress, leading to speculation about his future in the league.

The Potential End of Perez’s Stint in LIV Golf

On the Brink of Relegation

As of mid-2024, Perez finds himself on the verge of being kicked out of LIV Golf. His recent performances have not met the league’s expectations, putting his future in jeopardy.

What’s Next for Perez?

The possibility of being kicked out raises questions about Perez’s next move. Will he return to the PGA Tour, or will he explore other opportunities within the world of golf?

The Impact of LIV Golf on Professional Golf

A New Era

LIV Golf has undoubtedly left its mark on the sport. Its innovative format and financial incentives have forced the PGA Tour to adapt and evolve.

The Legacy of LIV Golf

While the league has faced its share of controversies, it has also brought about positive changes. It has provided players with more options and increased the overall competitiveness of professional golf.


Pat Perez’s journey in LIV Golf is a testament to the ever-changing landscape of professional sports. From his bold decision to join the league to his controversial comments and potential exit, Perez’s story is a fascinating chapter in the history of golf. As the sport continues to evolve, one thing is certain: the impact of LIV Golf and players like Perez will be felt for years to come.


What is LIV Golf?

LIV Golf is a professional golf league backed by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, offering lucrative contracts and a team-based format.

Why did Pat Perez join LIV Golf?

Perez joined LIV Golf in 2022, signing a $10 million contract, attracted by the league’s financial incentives and innovative format.

What did Pat Perez say about Tiger Woods?

Perez criticized Woods’ comments about LIV Golf, calling them “the stupidest thing” he had ever heard.

Is Pat Perez facing relegation from LIV Golf?

Yes, as of mid-2024, Perez is on the brink of being kicked out of the league due to inconsistent performances.

What impact has LIV Golf had on professional golf?

LIV Golf has introduced new financial incentives and a team-based format, forcing the traditional PGA Tour to adapt and evolve.

What is the future of Pat Perez in professional golf?

The future of Perez in professional golf is uncertain, with potential options including a return to the PGA Tour or exploring other opportunities within the sport.

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