Gravity Grip Review

Golf is an intricate sport, but it all comes down to that last hit – for that delicate dance we do on the green, having a reliable putter grip such as Gravity Grip can be a true game-changer.

With its high-quality EVA body construction and a counterbalance steel rod, Gravity Grip serves as the primary point of contact between the golfer and the club, dictating control, feedback, and, ultimately, the accuracy of each putt.

Gravity Gear is crafted by Evnroll, a well-known company when it comes to golfing equipment and one of the most respected putter manufacturers in the world. Gravity Grip debuted back in 2019, and it was designed by the founder himself, Guerin Rife, a former PGA Tour professional. Since then, a few changes have been made, notably when it comes to the weight of the rod.

So, if you’re thinking about upgrading your game with one of these capable putters but want to know a bit more, we’ve prepared this comprehensive review to help you make your final choice.

Is Gravity Grip for You?

If you’re looking to upgrade control, tactile feedback, and the precision of your putts, Gravity Grip might be just the perfect choice for your upcoming rounds. A high-quality putter grip such as this can drastically improve stroke consistency, providing stability and confidence in those crucial moments on the green.

Moreover, Gravity Grip is suited for golfers of all skill levels and handicaps, including beginners. If you’re just getting into the sport, it will help you improve your accuracy by feeling the precise angle at impact.

When it comes to affordability, beginners and budget-conscious players might find Gravity Grip a bit overpriced. Sure, it has a higher price tag than most other options in the market, but the cost is definitely not high enough to be an immediate deal-breaker.

What We Like About Gravity Grip

What we’ve found was the best aspect of Gravity Grip is the impressive stability it provides while handling. Its counterbalance weight hits the mark, especially after its 2021 upgrade to a more agile 70g stainless steel rod. Additionally, the unique design minimizes twisting, which is pretty crucial for golfers who often twist their grip during this game-ending stroke.

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What We Don’t Like About Gravity Grip

While we’re finding it hard to pinpoint a deal-breaking downside to Gravity Grip, that doesn’t mean it will resonate with everyone.

Golfers are often particular about their equipment, and naturally, no single golf club or putter grip can cater to all tastes. For instance, those with smaller hands or who tend to have a firmer hold on their putter might find the grip a bit too uncomfortable or heavy.

Pros & Cons

Establishes an excellent connection between the golfer’s hands and the putter’s headSome golfers might find Gravity Grip too heavy
The counterbalance is ideal for achieving desired stabilityIt’s not suitable for golfers who tend to have a hard grip on the putter
Constructed specifically for reducing grip twist while puttingIt might be uncomfortable for golfers that have smaller hands
It’s very comfortable to handle, thanks to the EVA materialIt’s more expensive than other options on the market
It’s made from durable material and will last you for many sessions to comeIt’s not as available as some other options on the market

What’s Included?

Gravity Grip comes in one universal size, and the complete package includes the following:

  • An EVA putter grip,
  • A 70g rod made from steel,
  • A wrench for rod installation,
  • A guide with instructions.

Beyond these items, the Gravity Grip doesn’t include any other accessories or tools, and there’s really no need. Sure, a cleaning cloth would be a nice and thoughtful addition, as the EVA material can get dirty pretty quickly out on the golf course, but you can easily rectify this by bringing your own.

Technical Specifications

Body constructionEthylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA)
Size of the putter grip11.375” (28.9 cm)
Weight of the putter grip1.23 oz (35g)
Size of the steel rod10” (25.4 cm)
Weight of the steel rod2.5 oz (70g)
Location of the offset0.5” below the shaft’s center
Color optionsBlack-gray and red-white combinations


  • The counterbalance weight included in the Gravity Grip ensures the putter head remains steady upon contact, reducing the likelihood of misdirected putts,
  • The inherent counterbalance weight fosters a stable putter head upon impact, helping you achieve consistency in strokes,
  • Constructed with gentle EVA foam, the putter grip ensure comfortable handling, promoting uniform grip throughout the stroke,
  • Crafted from premium materials, this grip is resilient and geared for enduring the demands of the game,
  • The distinct design aids in limiting twisting, which is great for golfers who tend to rotate their grips when putting,
  • By providing a precise feel for the face angle upon impact, Gravity Grip has the potential to enhance your putting accuracy,
  • The Gravity Grip is designed to amplify various aspects of one’s putting game, encompassing accuracy, rhythm, and tactile feedback.

In our honest opinion, the aforementioned features of the Gravity Grip speak volumes about its engineering brilliance. In essence, its strengths lie in its performance-enhancing features, which can take your putting game to a whole new level.

But, as we’ve mentioned before, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to golfing, so it’s best to, if possible, take the Gravity Grip out for a test round before making the final purchase.

Final Breakdown

All in all, the Gravity Grip is, without a doubt, an exceptional product in the world of golfing equipment. For those aiming to elevate their putting game, it’s truly an indispensable tool.

The meticulous design and functionality offer such an elevated experience that it’s challenging to pinpoint any significant drawbacks, hence the almost-perfect score. But it’s not a 10/10 due to its cost, which might not be accessible for every golfer, but in terms of value for money, Gravity Grip stands as the undisputed champion.

After all, every stroke with Gravity Grip reassures that excellence has its price, and in this case, it’s worth every penny – we truly can’t recommend this impressive putter grip more.