What Is Golf Frisbee?

If you’re looking for an exciting and less expensive alternative to golfing, look up what is golf frisbee and learn all about the sport. This interesting variation of golf gains fans across the globe annually, with many players frequently joining world-class championships. Learn more about the sport here.

Golf frisbee, or disc golf, is a sport in which players throw discs at a basket or some other target. The sport shares elements of traditional golf but has a unique set of rules and equipment, such as discs and target baskets. The objective is to complete each hole in as few disc throws as possible. It can be played solo or in teams, with various formats that can be used.

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What Is Golf Frisbee? The Sensation Also Known as Disc Golf

Golf frisbee is a sport based on golf, but instead of clubs and balls, players use a disc to throw at a target basket. The goal is to throw the disc into the target in as few throws as possible. Different types of discs can be used for different throws, and players can use their hands or a throwing stick to make their throws.

Disc golf courses are typically set up in public parks, and most courses have 18 holes. The player who completes the course in the fewest number of throws wins. There are also professional disc golf tournaments, where players compete for prize money.

There are no beginner golf clubs or learning how to replace their shafts, just discs and baskets that will take you to some of the most entertaining golfing around.

The Origin of Golf Frisbee or Disc Golf

While golf has been around for a long time, disc golf isn’t that much different. This sport was conceived around the early 1900s, with the first game held back in 1926 in Saskatchewan, Canada – nearly one hundred years ago! If this sport is so old, why is golf more popular?

Both sports are based on a similar concept and are highly popular within their niche; there are ten official disc golf associations across the globe and around 9,700 courses (as learned in February 2022.)

Traditional golf might have more traction because it’s older and has wealthy sponsors and various globally-recognized tournaments, but we can’t say disc golf is far from that. This sport became all the rage during the 1970s when it was introduced to Canadians native to Toronto and Vancouver.

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More About Disc Golf – Goals and Types of Discs and Throws

Disc golf is played with flying discs or Frisbees. The objective is to throw the disc into a basket target, and the player who throws the farthest wins the hole, and the first player to get 18 holes wins the match. Each player throws their discs from a tee pad to start.

The most popular type of play is stroke play. Others include skins, match play, speed golf, and captain’s choice (also known as “doubles”).

Disc Types

The game is played with discs of different weights and flight characteristics, usually ranked by stability and plastics. The most common disc types are:

  • Drivers – designed to be thrown long distances,
  • Mid-range discs – slower and more accurate than drivers, good for approach shots. They have a smaller rim and a more pointed nose,
  • Putters – the slowest and most accurate type of disc, designed for use on the green.

Throw Types

Additionally, players have and utilize different throwing styles and techniques. The most common are the backhand and forehand. The backhand is a rapidly drawn throw across the body’s front, while the forehand is used to draw the disc from behind and across.

Other, alternative throws include:

  • The Overhand – also known as the Chicken Wing, used by freestyle and ultimate players,
  • The Baseball – aka Grenade, thrown just like the backhand but with the disc upside down,
  • The Turbo Putt – highly accurate throw but limited in range,
  • The Hatchet – aka Tomahawk; similar to the forehand,
  • The Roller – the throw that causes the disc to be predominantly on the ground,
  • The Thumber – aka UD; similar to the Overhand but with the thumb on the disc’s underside.

What Does the Course Look Like?

A disc golf course typically consists of 9 or 18 holes, with each hole consisting of a “tee” area, a “fairway,” and a “putting green.”

The tee is where the player begins their hole, and the putting green is where they attempt to score points by landing their disc in the basket. The fairway is the course section between the tee and the putting green, and it is typically designed to be as challenging as possible.

Some courses may have 6, 12, 21, 24, or 27 holes, but they aren’t the standard. Most are 200 – 400 feet per hole. Much like traditional golf courses, these also use natural obstacles such as trees, water hazards, bushes, and elevation changes.

There are also out-of-bound, or OB zones, which force players to add penalty throws to their scorecards if their discs land there. Some OB zones also carry special rules, such as instructing the players to resume from a specific drop zone.

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Is Golf Frisbee Harder or Easier Than Regular Golf?

Some people believe that disc golf is harder than traditional golf because it takes more skill to throw the disc accurately. Others think it’s easier because there’s no need to worry about striking a small ball with a club. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide which sport is harder or easier.

Both disc golf and traditional golf require a great deal of accuracy to be successful. The target areas are small, so it can be challenging to hit them. Both discs and balls can be affected by wind and other environmental factors, making it challenging to control their direction and path.

Both golfers must navigate different terrains, avoid obstacles, and beat the odds to reach their mark in as few hits (or throws) as possible. Golfers with a 3 or a 20 handicap must practice being better, just like disc golfers should.

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If You’re Interested in a New Hobby or Sport, Why Not Try This

Disc golf is a relatively new sport but has already gained a large following among recreational and competitive players. It is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and can be played any time of the year. If you’re looking for a new challenge or just want to have some fun, disc golf is the perfect game for you.