How Many Golf Irons in a Set?

New players are usually clueless about different golf irons and what they are used for in golf. Each iron is an integral part of the golf club set, and every golfer should know how to use them and how many golf irons in a set one gets.

A full set of golf clubs includes seven irons. Generally, a set consists of a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 iron. Apart from golf irons, there are also three woods, one putter, one wedge, and one hybrid. A full set should be used for every game since every club has a vital purpose. All six irons will help you hit the ball smoothly so it lands on the green.

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If you are interested in how many golf irons you should have in your golf set, read our article and find out all the necessary details about this essential golf equipment and start playing your games like a pro.

Are There Always Seven Irons in a Golf Club Set?

In every golf club set, the majority of clubs make up irons. Every traditional set of golf clubs has seven irons – 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 iron. However, a growing number of professional players have decided to exclude the 3 and 4 iron from their set since the technology and design of many clubs have changed, providing players with more distance.

Golfers typically swap them for hybrid clubs. Therefore, how many irons the player uses on American golf courses depends on the style of the game and the personal preferences of the golfer.

How Many Golf Irons Do You Need?

Each player can decide to have either the traditional full set of seven or just five or six. There are many golfers that count the pitching wedge as iron. However, some still count it as a wedge. The appropriate golf set for beginners and recreational players would include:

  • Six irons – the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 iron,
  • 1 Pitching wedge,
  • 1 Driver,
  • 1 3-Wood,
  • 1 3-Hybrid,
  • 1 Sand Wedge,
  • 1 Putter.

The collection of clubs you use should be selected based on your perseverance and personal taste. Now, experienced players most commonly have a set that includes:

  • Seven irons – 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons,
  • 1 Pitching Wedge,
  • 1 Driver,
  • 1 3-Wood,
  • 1 5-Wood,
  • 1 Sand Wedge,
  • 1 Lob Wedge,
  • 1 Putter.

What Does a Number on Each Golf Iron Mean?

The numbers on golf irons indicate the amount of loft each iron has and the distance that the ball is going to fly when hit with a particular club. Those with a lower number engraved on the head have less loft. This means that the ball will fly lower but will reach a greater distance. On the other hand, clubs with a higher number have more loft. But, even though the ball will fly higher when hit, it won’t reach a significant distance.

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What Are Golf Irons Used For?

Different types of golf irons have the purpose of helping golfers approach shots to the green field. After the player uses the driver to get off the tee, irons have to be used, so the ball lands on the green. Once the player successfully gets on the green, the wedges and the putter are next. They help the golfer quickly get the ball in the hole.

How Should You Use Your Irons?

These golf clubs have a specific loft and the design of the head. The difference between each iron will result in unique yardage. When hitting the ball with your iron, you should always strike near the center of the face. In this way, you will get better accuracy and distance.

Good players learn over time good distance control and golf course management, which help when picking out a specific iron and using it. You should know how far you can hit the ball with each iron.

Additionally, there is no reason to think that you have to use only a 7-iron just because you can achieve 150 yards. Experienced golfers usually swing easily or use an extra cavity back iron in order to achieve a perfect strike.

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What Club Can Be Used for Which Shot?

Every club has its own shot range. The success of every shot depends heavily on the experience and the style of the golfer. But, generally, every club has a predictable shot distance. Here is an overview of clubs and their shot range.

Golf clubYards
Pitching wedge110
Lob wedge65
Sand wedge90
PutterFor the shots in the green

Does Every Golfer Need a 3-Iron?

For 90 percent of players, the 3-iron is not necessary. Advanced golfers that can always hit the center of the club with ease and speed while also creating more of a descending bow can benefit greatly from the 3-iron.

But some of the recreational players and newcomers who have a slower swing and are unsure of their strike won’t get enough launch with this one. It is very low lofted and, for many players, a difficult club to use, so many should exclude them from their set if it cannot improve their game.


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Expect Your Game to Be Better With a Set of Great Golf Irons

When organizing your golf bag, make sure that you have the full set of your irons even though you might play with a set of seven or six irons. Beginners should ensure to have the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 iron, while the professionals can add the number 3 and make great strides with each one from their set. When using each iron and making an effort to swing fast as well as strike near the center of the club faces, the improvement in distance and accuracy will be impressive.