Best Armlock Putter

If you’re looking for a putter to improve your game, you’re in the right place. Choosing the right armlock putter can be tricky. You have got to consider several aspects. 

That’s why I have personally tested and reviewed the top armlock putters to provide you with the most comprehensive and honest information. 

So, let me guide you through the best armlock putters on the market.

Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Putter – My Top Choice

Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Printed Agera Putter (Men's, Left Hand, 34 Inch), Black
  • 3D Printed Nylon Insert-An intricate 3D printed nylon lattice structure optimizes the weight distribution within the putter head to create the highest MOI possible in a blade shape for maximum stability
  • Multi Material Construction-An Oversize blade shape combines 3D printed nylon lattice insert, a 284g steel frame, a 22g aluminum cap, and 30g of tungsten in the heel and toe to provide the highest MOI for maximum stability
  • Sik Aluminum Face Insert-An aluminum face insert features SIK Golf proprietary Descending Loft Technology, which utilizes 4 descending lofts to ensure the most consistent and accurate roll for every style of putting stroke
  • Cobra Connect Grip-Each Putter is equipped with a Lamkin Smart Grip which features and embedded sensor that syncs to your smart device, Using Arcos Caddie app, users can track their putting stats and improve faster
  • Included components: Putter, Headcover

Product Highlights

The Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D putter is a stable and forgiving putter. It comes with an oversized mallet shape of multiple materials, including 3D-printed nylon, aluminum, and tungsten weights.

And the best part? The SIK Face Technology ensures precise putting. 


  • Size: 34 inch
  • Hand Orientation: Left and Right
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Loft: 4 Degrees

What I Like About Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Putter

If you’re looking for a putter to improve your game, the Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D putter is a must-have.

I’ve been testing putters for a month. And this putter has helped me improve my one-putt finish average. 

I’ve noticed that the club is designed to keep the ball on the ground. This makes it bounce or bobble less.

The visual markers make lining up the putt easier. Every stroke feels clean.

What I Don’t Like About Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Putter

There was one hiccup that I must mention. Unfortunately, the grip was installed poorly. Since it’s a brand-new club, it was quite disappointing. I had to regroup it to make sure it was secure and comfortable to hold.  

Pros & Cons

Multi-material construction that provides maximum stabilityA grip material made of synthetic rubber, not preferred by some golfers
Equipped with Lamkin Smart Grip that syncs to a smart device for tracking putting statsIt may not have a durable grip

Callaway Odyssey Ten Putter

Callaway 2022 Ten Putter (2 Ball, Left Hand, 33" Shaft, Double Bend Hosel, Oversized Grip)
  • We’ve enhanced The Ten shape that’s incredibly popular on Tour and with golfers. It’s sleeker, more forgiving, and now you can choose from impressive options in our 2-Ball or Triple Track to help improve your alignment.
  • We took our proprietary major-winning, multi-material Stroke Lab shaft and made it even better. This new shaft is seven grams lighter overall, it’s stiffer, and it’s more stable to enhance the tempo and consistency in your putting stroke.
  • This high-performance insert is packed with Microhingetechnology,promotingimmediate forward roll for improved speed and control.

Product Highlights

The Odyssey Ten putter is a popular choice among golfers and professionals on Tour. It features a sleeker head shape and improved forgiveness. Plus, it has a Stroke Lab shaft and White Hot Microhinge insert for exceptional performance on the course.


  • Size: 33 inch
  • Hand Orientation: Left and Right
  • Material: Steel
  • Loft: 3 Degrees

What I Like About Callaway Odyssey Ten Putter

I recently purchased the Odyssey Ten Putters. And let me tell you, it has dramatically improved my putting game! I am now starting to get control of my distance and power with this putter. Plus, it has drastically reduced my putts per round. 

But the best feature of this putter is definitely the lines on the putter head, which have greatly helped me align my putts more accurately. 

What I Don’t Like About Callaway Odyssey Ten Putter

The putter felt weak and hollow when I actually took it out on the course. I had to make some modifications to the club, including swapping the 15-gram weights for 25-gram weights, just to make it more substantial. 

Pros & Cons

Impressive alignment options are available in 2-Ball or Triple TrackRelatively more expensive
Multi-material Stroke Lab shaft is lighter, stiffer, and more stable for consistent putting strokeToo light in weight for some golfers

Inazone Armbar Armlock Design Putter

Product Highlights 

The Inazone Armbar Putter offers an alternative way to stabilize your putting stroke. Extending the putter from your leading arm creates a more natural feel and promotes a more consistent stroke. The club is dialed in with a 4-degree forward press. This makes it feel like a natural extension of your arm.


  • Size: 42 inch
  • Hand Orientation: Right
  • Metal-milled insert for consistent roll and feedback
  • Loft: 7 Degrees

What I Like About Inazone Armbar Armlock Design Putter

I have to say; I’m pretty impressed! This putter has definitely helped me to stay on line from any distance. You can’t use any putter for arm-lock putting style – you need one specifically designed for the forward shaft lean. That’s why I recommend starting with this one before investing in a more expensive model. 

What I Don’t Like About Inazone Armbar Armlock Design Putter

But if you’re taller than 6 feet and looking for a putter that is suitable for your height, unfortunately, this putter might not be the one for you. The shaft length is slightly shorter than average. So, it can be uncomfortable for taller golfers. 

Pros & Cons

Promotes incredible stability and consistency through the strokeRelatively heavy head weight (400 grams)
High MOI design for maximum forgivenessOnly available for right-handed golfers

What to Look for When Buying an Armlock Putter?


The length of a putter affects the golfer’s posture and the swing arc. Longer putters promote a more upright posture and a straighter back. While shorter putters can promote a more bent-over posture. It’s crucial to find a length that feels comfortable and supports consistency in the putting stroke.


The weight of a putter can also affect the golfer’s stroke. Some golfers prefer a heavier putter as it can promote a smoother and more stable stroke. But others having great control over their putts prefer a lighter putter. 


Specifically for armlock style, putters with more loft tend to promote a higher ball flight, and putters with less loft may be better for putts in acceptable ranges. It’s important to find a loft that feels comfortable and promotes consistency in the putting stroke.

Head Style

Mallet-style putters have a more substantial, chunkier head design optimized for golfers who swing straight back and through. Some mallet putters may have a unique look compared to more common putter head styles. These putters are curved and less blocky than traditional blade-style putters. 


Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Putter

So, golf enthusiasts! The Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Putter is the best putter for armlock putting. Its oversize mallet shape and multi-material construction, including 3D-printed nylon, aluminum, and tungsten weights, make it stable and forgiving, helping you stroke more putts. 

Not only that. The SIK Face Technology guarantees precise putting. You’ll love the visual markers that ease lining up the putt. Plus, the Lamkin Smart Grip syncs to your smart device for tracking putting stats. So, you get what you pay for!

If you’re ready to take your putting game to the next level, buy Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Putter now and start seeing improvements in your game!


Q. Does Inazone Armbar Armlock Design Putter have to be assembled after purchase?

A. No, it comes completely assembled. So you won’t have to assemble it.

Q. How do you choose the right length for an armlock putter? 

A. To choose the right length for an armlock putter, consider your height, stance, and arm length for a comfortable fit.

Q. Can you pick up a ball with Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D putter?

A. Yes, you can pick up a ball with Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D putter.

Q. Does the Callaway Odyssey Ten Putter and Cobra Golf 2021 King 3D Printed Putter come with a headcover?

A. Yes, both putters come with headcovers.

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