Callaway Carry+ Pencil Bag Review

Callaway is one of the world’s most famous golf equipment-making companies, and their golfing gear is nothing short of perfection. The company was founded in 1982, and its HQ is in Carlsbad, California.

They make everything a golfer might need – from golf balls and clubs to golf apparel and accessories, but one of their most valued and beloved products is the Carry+ pencil bag. If you want to be a serious golfer, you need a great carrier to get you started.

Originally, there were Callaway Carry pencil bags without the plus signs next to them. This model was similar to the Carry+ but didn’t have the much-needed leg stand or the double-strapped back support. They’re similar, but the way we view it, the Carry+ model is superior compared to the original.

This product is ideal for new players and those who like to travel light around the course, simply practicing their shots. Hitting the tees while carrying a lot of irons and other equipment can be tedious and tough to maneuver; with the Carry+, those troubles are virtually eliminated.

This lightweight double-strapped carrier is a part of essential golfing equipment, and today, we’ll look into it in a little more detail.

Is Callaway Carry + Pencil Bag For You?

To put it simply, the Carry+ is definitely for you and anyone interested in improving their golf game without taking too long to choose the perfect iron. Many professionals carry a dozen clubs in their bags: nine irons, a couple of wedges and putters, and apparel and balls.

While today’s carrier doesn’t fit that much equipment, it wasn’t made for that, anyway. And maybe that’s a slight issue – if you’re looking for something professional and substantial, you may find it lacking. You can always choose among the manufacturer’s bags that can fit various clubs.

This is one of those bags along the lines of an essentials carrier. You can fit a few clubs, balls, and tees and just head out to practice your shots. I recommend packing two suitable irons and a wedge to practice those more complex hits, especially if you get stuck in some sand.

It’s the perfect fit for beginners and professionals who like quick runs on the golf course. Another great thing about it is its price – you won’t regret buying it, because it’ll be worth the money. That goes even for those that find it underpriced – you get what you pay for.

We’re happy we got what we paid for, as our wallets are doing well, and our golfing skills are improving because we have the Carry+. It’s the ideal combination of quantity and quality.

Callaway Golf Pencil Bag (Black/Charcoal)
  • 3-way top
  • Water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket
  • 3 zippered pockets, Including a full-size apparel pocket
  • Weight: 1.9 LBS

What We Like About the Callaway Carry + Pencil Bag

While it doesn’t seem like that at first view, the Carry+ is so lightweight it’s almost impossible to imagine. It weighs only 1.4 kilograms (3.3 pounds). Of course, clubs are hefty and heavy, especially forged ones, so a heavy carrier would just make it impossible to carry everything around.

In professional settings, caddies typically carry equipment for the players, but they’re human and need some relief off their shoulders whenever possible. The new and improved double-straps have soft support for the back, allowing the weight to distribute a little more evenly throughout the carrier.

For every golf player that’s also their own caddy, this carrier is a miracle worker in more ways than just being lightweight. It has a double strap system to make it easier on the back, and when you place it on the ground, you can prop it up with its integrated leg stand to make getting the clubs easier and keep it off the ground when it’s wet.

Speaking of wet, the underside is waterproof, meaning lowering it on wet ground will be safe, but as long as you do it on the right side. It also has three pockets: one for balls, one full-length pocket for apparel, and a waterproof one for valuables, such as wallets, IDs, and anything else that you want to keep in privacy.

From our point of view, the price is excellent. We’ve found heftier and more expensive bags that, in the end, felt similar to this one, so we know we’ve got our money’s worth after purchasing the Carry+. It has everything we needed to jumpstart our game as amateurs, and it made us feel professional in many ways.

Callaway Golf Pencil Bag (Black/Charcoal)
  • 3-way top
  • Water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket
  • 3 zippered pockets, Including a full-size apparel pocket
  • Weight: 1.9 LBS

What We Don’t Like About the Callaway Carry + Pencil Bag

Grass gets watered to stay fresh, and golf courses require regular maintenance. It’s perfectly normal to experience some dewy and wet areas around the course. While the bag has a water-resistant bottom, it isn’t fully waterproof, meaning there’s no way your gear will survive in the rain.

That’s the biggest downside of Carry+, although it’s not a small thing. It would be perfect if it had that waterproof lining along the entire surface, but I’m satisfied with the water-resistant valuables pocket as an almost adequate substitute.

Also, this isn’t the bag’s problem in itself, but there is a model of the Carry without the plus sign next to it. If you’re not careful, you could accidentally put the original version in your virtual cart, which doesn’t have a leg stand.

We nearly made the mistake of purchasing the non-plus version of the Carry model, and good thing we noticed it on time and reviewed the shopping cart carefully. The plus is small but significant when shopping, which can be annoying if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to spend too much time looking for a golf club carrier.

To avoid making a mistake, read the website and product specifications thoroughly.

Pros & Cons

Three-way top dividersNot fully waterproof
A leg stand to prop up the carrierNot fit for fully-equipped professional games
Waterproof bottom lining
One water-resistant valuables pocket
Double strap for comfort
Fair price

What’s Included?

When you order your Carry+, you get the following in the package:

  • The Callaway Carry+ pencil bag,
  • A double strap for carrying,
  • Leg extensions for propping up,
  • 1-year warranty.

When the package arrived, it was wrapped well, and there was no visible damage on the outside or the inside; the privacy of the delivery was taken seriously, and the packaging was secure. It was easy to open and unload, and overall the carrier is an easy-to-use product.

There’s not much included inside the package besides the essential Carry+, but the warranty is a nice touch, although that’s something every manufacturer should offer.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: ‎35.51 L x 12.01 W x 8.58 inches H (90.2 cm x 30.4 cm x 21.79 cm)
Weight: 3.3 lbs (1.4 kgs)
Material: Nylon
Strap type: Double strap
Top Size: 7″ (17.7 cm)
2 full-length dividers
3 pockets
Water-resistant bottom lining
Hand orientation: right


  • A lightweight carrier with perfect dimensions (not too big or small)
  • Three-way top dividers with two full-length dividers
  • An integrated, manually set leg stand for propping up
  • A sturdy double strap system for comfort in balance and carrying
  • Water-resistant coating on the bottom area to keep the insides dry
  • Three awesome pockets: one full-length apparel pocket, one waterproof, velour-lined valuables pocket, and one ball pocket
  • A towel ring to hang up a towel or shirt when playing
  • A net for a water bottle
  • Custom logo on the right side pocket

The features of this carrier outweigh anything that might be negative about it, although it’s close to perfection. The best features are, hands down, the double straps for easier carrying, as well as the three pockets.

Callaway Golf Pencil Bag (Black/Charcoal)
  • 3-way top
  • Water-resistant, velour-lined valuables pocket
  • 3 zippered pockets, Including a full-size apparel pocket
  • Weight: 1.9 LBS

Final Breakdown


The Callaway Carry+ perfectly combines practicality and being able to bring everything you need. While it is meant only for practice and new players that don’t know how to use all of the irons just yet, it’s still fantastic for what it has to offer.

Its most formidable features are comfortable straps for carrying on the back and the leg stand, making it easier to play and interact with the carrier and its contents. You can store your valuables in a safe, waterproof pocket while you play, and even bring a light jacket in case the greens get breezy. The jacket will fit perfectly in the full-length apparel pocket.

The biggest downside to this carrier is that it isn’t fully waterproof. If it were, it’d have been a ten out of ten. If you’re a professional looking for a long-term solution for carrying only a few essential irons and wedges, you can put the Carry+ in your virtual shopping cart today.

If you’re new at golfing and don’t know how to manage all the necessary equipment, you can pack your essentials in this. Anyone who plays golf casually can invest in this carrier because it guarantees a smooth and flawless time. It’s excellent, and there’s not much more we could say.

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