DIY Golf Cart Umbrella Holder

People might try making a DIY golf cart umbrella holder because they’re too tall for regular holders or to save money. There are ways to save up and feel good while golfing, but there aren’t many ways to craft an umbrella holder yourself. Here are some ideas you might use.

To make a DIY golf cart umbrella holder, you’ll need a plastic tube and a cap or a sturdy plastic water bottle. These solutions aren’t too reliable or easy, but they can still serve their purpose well. If they end up being too much, you can simply order one off Amazon and save the day.

A man holding his umbrella while carrying a golf bag

How to Make a DIY Golf Cart Umbrella Holder

The best push carts on the market may not always have what every golfer needs. No Clicgear 3.5+ or the famous Caddytek Superlite can save tall players from low-positioned umbrella holders. This is why many resort to homemade solutions.

When browsing online, DIY umbrella holder solutions are scarce, but they still exist. They’ll work well for you if you’re crafty, but if not, the process might feel like putting together a rocket.

One thing’s for sure – standard-bought umbrella holders are made of plastic. This isn’t just any kind of plastic, though. It’s the most similar to the waste pipes made from PVC-U. They can handle large volumes of water, making them ideal for holding a heavy umbrella.

People on a golf course holding umbrellas

Use a Plastic Tube and Cap

The best solution is to go to the Home Depot or another DIY material heaven and get a polypropylene PVC pipe. You won’t need more than six inches (15-16 cm,) but beware – these pipes don’t have bottoms.

There should be some plastic caps and lids made of similar material. Ensure they fit the pipe by testing them on the spot. Additionally, get some aerial clamps that can encircle the tube or a piece of alloy or plywood about eight inches (20 cm) long and three inches wide (7 cm).

How to Attach the Tube to the Cart

Now that you have the necessary materials, here’s what to do:

  • Connect the pipe and the cap,
  • Use the aerial clamps to attach the pipe to the push cart’s handle,
  • If the clamps don’t work, get the alloy or plywood sheet,
  • Place the tube on that sheet and then lean them both onto the handles,
  • Use screws and a drill to attach the tube and sheet to the handle.

Cut a Plastic Bottle

For the quickest solution, take a plastic bottle, cut the top off, and pierce holes with a drill to tighten them with alloy wiring or rope. This is the easiest way to craft an umbrella holder yourself.

That way, whether you have a 3-wheel or a 4-wheel push cart, you’ll at least have a place on it to shelter you from the scorching sun. If you rent a golf cart, perhaps you can sit in it as a better solution.

Make Sure the Bottle Isn’t Out of the Cheapest Plastic

The bottle you decide to cut shouldn’t be from the thinnest possible plastic, but at least Fiji water level material. Jokes aside, thicker plastic can hold much weight, making it ideal for umbrellas.

If you get a bottle that narrows at the top, leave the narrowing part; that will hold the umbrella in place and stop it from wobbling.

Here’s how to make this:

  • Drill two holes next to each other in the lower and upper parts of the bottle,
  • Cut the top part to the desired length,
  • Use wiring or rope through the holes by connecting the ones that are next to each other,
  • Attach the bottle to the cart handle.

Get an Alternative on Amazon

If you’re not into the two solutions above, look for an affordable golf cart umbrella holder online. They are adjustable, sturdy, and easy to install.

You won’t have to drill holes or buy any PVC piping. However, ensure the holder you pick is suitable for your needs; don’t just pick the cheapest one. Then, wait for a golf course to open and get your game on.

A golf push cart with a bag on it

DIY Umbrella Holders Take Some Time and Skill

It’s difficult to whip up a functional and long-lasting umbrella holder for a push cart. You’ll need some knowledge and skills of DIY and tools and creativity. These tips will help you decide how to create your umbrella holder.