A Comprehensive Guide to the 718 AP2 Specs: What You Need to Know

In the vast world of golf equipment, the Titleist 718 AP2 Golf Irons stands out as a benchmark for performance and design. In this guide, we will delve deep into every detail of the 718 AP2 specs, ensuring you have a comprehensive understanding of what sets them apart in the golfing community.

The Titleist 718 AP2 irons, co-forged with high-quality types of steel, feature a compact shape that enhances the overall performance. With various sizes to choose from, and a CG that’s slightly higher compared to previous models, the handling offers a bit more forgiveness. They are no longer in production, but they are available in the pre-owned market at roughly $600-$800.

What Brand Makes the 718 AP2 Golf Irons?

The 718 AP2 irons are made by Titleist, an American manufacturer that stands tall as one of the most recognizable and respected brands of the sport. Initially gaining traction for its outstanding golf balls, such as the Titleist AVX Golf Balls, the company broadened its horizon to feature golf clubs and bags. With a reputation that’s second to none, the brand has garnered the status of a go-to piece of numerous golf pros around the world.

What Should You Know About the AP2 Line of Golf Irons?

Titleist’s AP2 golf irons are among the brand’s standout products. First making their debut in 1999, these irons have witnessed consistent upgrades. Fast forward to 2019, and the 718 AP2 made its mark.

Given the 716 AP2’s distinction as the number one piece of equipment on Tour globally, Titleist has designed the 718 AP2 as another tour-grade iron. Consequently, it’s an important piece in the brand’s tour category alongside the 718 MB and 718 CB irons.

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718 AP2 Specs – What’s New?

In the latest edition of the AP2 series, the biggest changes were made when it comes to the overall design and the CG (Center of Gravity), underscoring the brand’s dedication to continuous improvement. Titleist embarks on a biennial journey to refine the AP2 irons, ensuring they evolve to meet the demands of both amateur golfers and seasoned professionals.

Before we delve more deeply into these strengthened aspects, here are the basic specifications of all available sizes:

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The New Design Is Not Only Thinner but Also More Compact

In the 3 to 7 size range, the face inserts have been slimmed down compared to prior versions, measuring a mere 0.08 inches or 2.1mm. This subtle modification might not seem like much, but it can notably boost ball speeds, especially when it comes to longer golf clubs with a more expansive face.

Besides a sleeker design, perimeter weighting has been used, which means the irons feature an even weight distribution along the edges of the clubhead. This proved to be quite forgiving for those off-center shots.

The Center of Gravity Is a Bit Higher Than Previous Models

The updated design slightly elevates the CG, aiming to enhance the launch. Once again, this might seem like a minor modification, but this placement is paramount in dictating performance and handling. The exact location has a ripple effect, influencing factors like launch, spin, and golf shaft interaction with the club head.

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What Material Is the 718 AP2 Made From?

The Titleist 718 AP2 irons are made from a combination of high-quality materials. In particular, these golf clubs are co-forged, which means that they are crafted from two different steel varieties. Here’s a breakdown of the components:

  • The face is made from high-strength steel – durable steel construction enhances both feel and feedback, and it also aids in increasing the speed of the ball,
  • Tungsten-infused design – these irons incorporate tungsten weighting, facilitating the dispersion of weight around the edge, which improves forgiveness for off-center strikes,
  • Carbon-fiber crown – this choice trims down the overall weight, which is strategically shifted to the clubhead’s perimeter.

How Does This Influence the Iron’s Moment of Inertia?

Titleist claims that the 718 AP2 exhibits a greater MOI (Moment of Inertia) compared to previous models, notably the game-improvement 715 AP1 iron. This can tell you a lot about the iron’s stability and its resistance against torsion – a heightened MOI indicates a robust resistance to any twist. Luckily, the 718 AP2’s commendable MOI stems from the use of high-quality materials.

Is the 718 AP2 Worth the Price?

Yes, the 718 AP2 irons are worth the price. While they are no longer being manufactured and the whole line has been discontinued, you can find a used set for around $600 to $800. The cost of a set can fluctuate based on the set’s condition, the retailer, and the included shaft.

However, before investing that substantial amount, consider giving the 718 AP3 a shot with the assistance of an experienced Titleist fitter. While both pieces are a good investment, it’s best to experience them firsthand before you go through with your final purchase.

It’s Definitely a Good Choice for Your Upcoming Rounds

The 718 AP2 irons cater to golfers seeking a classic touch, efficiency, and a hint of forgiveness in their game. Sure, they are not the most forgiving pieces out there, but they certainly offer more leniency than other conventional irons. For those golf enthusiasts that are somewhere between mid- and low-handicap, the 718 AP2 irons truly stand out with their age-old feel combined with slight forgiveness.