Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons Specs Overview

The Apex has been known as one of the best-forged irons. It’s common to hear outstanding strikers name the Apex as the best type of equipment to target flagsticks.

The Callaway Apex CF 16 irons are crafted to improve ball flight. They cater to golfers who need precision and versatility on the golf course. The 360 Face Cup ensures precise control over the iron’s weight distribution. With improved forgiveness and workability, these irons with a classic design would benefit professional players.   

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The Technology of Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons

The Apex brand has insisted for a long time on improving ball flight and boosting forgiveness and speed. With the CF 16 irons, the 2016 type of construction involves a 360 Face Cup that allows the golfer to push the performance limits of the club’s materials.

In the shorter ones (8-AW), a unique face plate is added to make them feel more unique and control the distance better. These cavity back irons will allow you to achieve a boost in distance.

The clubface and the clubhead are crafted individually using a quadruple forging process. When this is completed, all the parts are fused with the help of a laser.

Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons Specs Overview

Is the set worth it? As you go through your clubs, they get smaller, but still, it is a compact set. Here are the specifications of all clubs.


The Look and the Feel of the Irons

The CF 16’s boasts a nice, smart, classy, elegant, and compact look. You will have bigger golf clubs in your set and shorter ones. The soles and top lines are not thin, but they are small.

There is some offset. They don’t feel chunky, which is great for golfers who are advanced in their careers. It looks well when placed next to a ball, feels solid, and makes a clicky sound.

The shape of the irons is graceful and balanced. It offers plenty a lot of weight in the heel and toe of the face. The transition in shape and size from one clubhead to the other is seamless.

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The Performance of CF 16 Irons

If you are looking for clubs that will provide you with better forgiveness, control, and distance, the CF 16s are a true match. Mid and low-handicap players can benefit greatly from them. The consistency doesn’t lack at all while trying to achieve the same distance.

Working and centering the ball doesn’t seem like a dull effort, and the roll of the ball is good as well. The longer irons will provide you with more offset, while the shorter ones have a compact shape, thus making the offset weaker.

The Apex innovative technology that is included in the clubface ensures that the ball flies faster across a larger area and lands near the hole. This means that you will have more success with off-center hits. They have a stronger loft. There is progressive offset and lofting. However, it should be mentioned that it is not the softest-sounding iron.

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Overview of Pros and Cons

Even though these clubs can definitely up your game if you have a low or mid handicap, don’t miss the opportunity to read through all the pros and cons which might affect how you play the game.

The list of pros:

  • Feedback and feel – The main advantage is that these clubs will enable better control over shot shaping, and the forged construction provides a responsive feel.
  • Forgiveness and distance – The ball speed is increased with the use of Cup 360 technology and improved forgiveness on off-center hits.
  • Workability – Skilled golfers that want to control the ball flight easily won’t have problems when using the CF 16s.
  • Aesthetics – The modern and appealing design gives the clubs a sophisticated appearance.
  • Versatility – The sleek design and compact set will allow you to achieve a versatile performance, and tackling a variety of shorts will come easily.

The list of cons:

  • The sweet spot is a bit smaller – When the design is compact, the sweet spot is usually smaller, which is the case with these clubs as well. It might be challenging to strike precise shorts for inexperienced golfers.
  • Skill level requirement – To fully utilize the capabilities and the versatility of these clubs, a low and mid-handicap is required.
  • Feel preference – If you desire soft and less clicky irons, they would not be an ideal choice for you. Some golfers prefer to have a firmer feel in the clubs.
  • Price – Apex is a brand of premium clubs; therefore, the price reflects that as well. They are more expensive compared to other irons.

Final Verdict on the Callaway Apex CF 16 Irons

With a classic look and a high-tech design that can provide a pro golfer with improved performance, the CF 16 is some of the premium and best equipment you can have in your bag. If you are a beginner in the world of golf, the small sweet spot and the particular construction of the clubhead might be challenging to handle, but for experienced players, the versatility that can be achieved is a big plus. Make sure you try out the clubs before going out to the golf course.

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