Best Free Golf App

For avid and savvy golfers, having the right tools to improve their game is really important. That’s why I’ve tested and reviewed some of the best free golf apps to determine which ones are worth your time and which ones fall short. 

So, let me guide you through the ins and outs of the best free golf apps so that you can take your game to the next level. 

Golf GPS Rangefinder – My Top Choice

Google Play Store

App Highlights 

Golf GPS rangefinder app includes a scorecard and shot tracker. It offers straightforward usage and lets users determine the distance to any location on over 40,000 courses worldwide.

The app provides a satellite view of each hole with an aerial flyover and conforms to tournament rules. 


  • Optimized to save battery life
  • No registration is required to start playing
  • Golf Pad TAGS to track the game automatically
  • Shot dispersion, strokes gained, and course strategy insights provided

What I Like About Golf GPS Rangefinder

I must say, this golf GPS rangefinder app is a total game-changer. The distances are incredibly accurate. Plus, it’s an outstanding value for the premium price.

I recently tried the Play with GPS function that came with the GHIN app. I was amazed. And the green heat maps. Well, they’re a nice touch. 

Whenever I have any questions, the support team answers fast. The app even recommends clubs and eases counting strokes. It’s a must-have for any golfer looking for an accurate and reliable tool on the course.

What I Don’t Like About Golf GPS Rangefinder

While the main app is brilliant, the watch version could use some improvement. The GPS takes longer than expected to update, which can be frustrating. 

Pros & Cons

Access to over 40,000 courses worldwideMinimal features in the paid version
Frequently updatedDoesn’t sync with some brands of smartwatches

Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU


App Highlights

Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU is a highly efficient golf range finder and scorecard app trusted by over 6 million golfers worldwide. It is reliable and precise. Plus, its performance surpasses costly handheld rangefinders and other yardage apps.


  • Accurate and reliable
  • Battery-efficient
  • Better than expensive handheld rangefinders

What I Like About Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU

One of the first things I noticed about this app is how seamlessly it operates. No annoying ads popping up and getting in the way of my game – finally, an app that just lets me play! 

The bird’s eye view feature provides real-time info on distances between you and the green. The app automatically switches to the scoring page when a hole ends, and its interface is easy to use. 

What I Don’t Like About Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU

Despite using it during 4 rounds in 3 different cities, it always shows the opposite wind direction to what’s really happening on the course. And on my round-faced watch, it’s hard to read the important words displayed in the corners of some screens. 

Pros & Cons

Accurate GPS interfaceNo spray chart tracking on tracked shots
Good basic yardageSlow at times

Golf GPS App – FreeCaddie

Google Play Store

App Highlights

This innovative Golf GPS app offers a reliable golf tracker and GPS that’s free and easily accessible. It keeps track of your location with pinpoint accuracy and always knows your golf range. Also, it allows up to four people to keep score on a virtual golf scorecard. 


  • Precise golf range finder for shots
  • Virtual scorecard for up to four people
  • User-friendly interface

What I Like About Golf GPS App – FreeCaddie

The satellite view feature on the Golf GPS App is a game-changer, as it allows me to quickly locate hazards like sand and water with ease.

The front, middle, and back yardage for greens is spot-on, and the app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to use.

Highly recommended! 

What I Don’t Like About Golf GPS App – FreeCaddie

The most frequent hiccup I faced with this app was restarting a few times during a round. Not only this, it can only download courses near me; but it’s disappointing that I can’t preload courses for vacations. I hope they improve the preloading feature soon! 

Pros & Cons

User-friendlyGlitches may not let you download courses.
Allows locating hazardsCrashes at times

What to Look for When Downloading a Free Golf App?

GPS Accuracy

A golf app with accurate GPS can help you navigate the course, provide yardage information, determine the distance to the hole, and improve your shot-making abilities by allowing you to select the right club.

Course Maps

The app should have course maps available to download for your specific course or area. This feature can help you plan your strategy for each hole and familiarize yourself with the course layout.

Social Features

Some apps offer social features such as sharing scores with friends or joining groups to connect with other golfers. With these features, you can connect with other golfers, compare scores, and learn from one another.


When downloading a golf app, it is important to ensure it is compatible with your device’s operating system. A user-friendly interface can also make navigating and using the app easier, enhancing your overall experience.


Golf GPS Rangefinder

Golf GPS Rangefinder is a golfer’s dream come true. With an accurate rangefinder, scorecard, and shot tracker, this app features over 40,000 courses worldwide, satellite views, and aerial flyovers. So, once you have the Golf GPS Rangefinder app, you’ll always know where you stand on the course. 

Plus, with Golf Pad TAGS, your game is tracked automatically, and insights on shot dispersion, strokes gained, and course strategy are provided. The app even recommends clubs and is optimized for battery life. 

In fact, the responsive support team is working to improve the GPS on the watch version. All in all, the Golf GPS Rangefinder app is the ultimate tool for any golfer looking for accuracy, reliability, and convenience on the course.

Download the Golf GPS Rangefinder app today to ease your game with fast, accurate, and reliable golf tech!


Q. Does Golf GPS Rangefinder have Team Stableford scoring?

A. Yes, it comes with Team Stableford scoring, one of the latest premium version updates.

Q. Can I erase previous shot data without deleting clubs on Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU?

A. Yes, you can delete individual shots from the Clubs page without deleting an entire club.

Q. Do the best golf apps drain phone batteries quickly?

A. No, the best golf apps, such as Golf GPS Rangefinder and Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU, are optimized to save battery life.

Q. Are the best free golf apps reliable and accurate? 

A. Yes, many of the best free golf apps, including Golf GPS Rangefinder, Golf GPS and Scorecard by SwingU, and Golf GPS App – FreeCaddie, are reliable and accurate.