What Golf Wedge Degree Is Best?

There’s no point in carrying eleven irons in your bag if you’re only going to use three, based on your swing and speed. That’s why you should research what golf wedge degree is best and how to determine the ideal one based on your playing profile.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as everyone’s swing is different. However, a good starting point is to use a club with a degree that matches your average clubhead speed. So, if you hit a 7-iron around 100 mph, you might want to use a wedge with a 54-degree loft. Most golfers do well with 56-degree lofts.

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What Golf Wedge Degree Is Best?

Ultimately, this question can’t be answered with just one type in mind because it primarily depends on a player’s skill, swing speed, and height. However, if you need to start somewhere, a club of 56 degrees will be a good starting point since most players have it in their bags.

Firstly, consider the type of shot you’re hitting and the conditions of the game course. If you’re hitting a full shot, use a club with less loft, like a lob; if hitting a partial or a pitch shot, use one with more loft, like a pitching wedge. If the greens are hard and dry, use less loft; if they’re soft and wet, use more loft and bounce.

The Question You’re Afraid to Ask, but Shouldn’t Be

Many new golfers are afraid to ask about the perfect clubs to start with, but they shouldn’t be. It’s better to ask than to carry too many and end up with an overly packed, heavy bag; an even worse scenario would be if you brought all the wrong ones.

Even the best golfing bag for a push cart couldn’t get you out of a bind like that. Ask for recommendations on Reddit and golfing forums, or join a golf group and get an experienced instructor to help you find your footing in the game.

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Which Wedges Should You Carry in Your Bag?

A golfing wedge is a club used to hit the ball from a sand trap or other difficult situation. There are different types, but they all have lofts, which is the angle of the wedge face in relation to the ground. A higher angle will make the ball go higher in the air; a lower angle will make it go lower.

The Difference Between Pitching, Approach, Sand, and Lob Wedges

Two holes of golf could take ages with the wrong clubs, which is why you can choose between variously lofted ones. There are four main types:

  • The pitching wedge (PW) has the highest angle of all and is used to hit short-distance shots,
  • The approach or gap wedge (or AW/GW) has a slightly lower angle than the PW and is used to hit medium-distance shots,
  • The sand wedge (SW) has a lower angle than the AW and is used to hit the ball out of a sand trap,
  • The lob wedge (LW) has the lowest angle of all and is used to hit very short distance shots.

Your Wedges Should Have a Four to Six-Degree Loft Gap Between Them

The angle of the clubface is important because it determines how much backspin you’ll get on the ball. A higher angle will create more backspin, while a lower will result in less spin. An angle with an even gap between 46 and 54 degrees is ideal, according to some sources.

You can work with wedges between 44 and 56 degrees or between 46 and 58, such as:

  • 44-degree PW, 50-degree AW, and 56-degree SW
  • 46-degree PW, 52-degree AW, and 58-degree SW

Most Golfers Can Do Well With a 56-Degree Loft

The ultimate golfing clubs for beginners are typically sand wedges with lofts of 56 degrees.

Basically, these are used to hit the ball high into the air. They’re perfect for getting out of tight situations, such as when you are trapped behind a tree, and are also great for hitting long shots on the course.

The 56-degree wedge is versatile and can be used in various situations, which is why many professionals have it in their arsenal. These are also expected to have the most bounce, and their ideal bounce range is between ten and fourteen degrees.

The Best Wedges to Combine With a 56-Degree Wedge

Many golfing experts will tell you that you don’t need to combine a 56-degree club with anything higher; for example, having both 56 and 60-degree clubs will be redundant and only take up space in your bag.

Ideally, the angles of wedges should be separated by four to six degrees, and the 56-degree one should be the highest number in your bag.

Here’s a chart order of the ideal golfing bag content; you’ll notice the progression in angle degrees from lowest to highest – the first few have three degrees between them, then four, then five, and finally six between the final three.

Club TypeLoft Degrees

The Best 56-Degree Wedges Are Made by Cleveland Golf

Some of the most popular wedges on the market that offer a higher angle are the Titleist Vokey SM6 and the Cleveland RTX-3. Cleveland is a well-known golfing equipment brand, and the Cleveland RTX-3 is one of their most popular models.

They have other models, too – many reviews have rated the RTX ZipCore as the ultimate 56-degree hitter, with mostly pros and no cons at all, with superior spin, playability, and versatility.

There’s also the Cleveland Golf CBX 2, which is great for sand bunkers, and the Cleveland RTX 4, a new model and excellent for players with mid-range handicaps.

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You Don’t Need More Than Three or Four Wedges in Your Bag

As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a suitable golfing set. The ideal way to find the right one for your game is to experiment with new degrees and see what works best for you.

However, while you can have many golfing irons in a set, don’t go anywhere without the 56-degree one; it will help you get into the groove, improve your skill, and be the most forgiving item in your bag.