Where Is St Andrews Golf Course in Scotland?

There are many long-standing and famous global golf clubs, but none match one of the most gorgeous in Scotland – St Andrews. But where is St Andrews golf course in Scotland? Let’s see how far it is from the capital and learn about its history.

If you’re in search of a golfing area in Scotland, you might be wondering where the St Andrews golf course is located. This world-famous clubhouse is in the town of the same name, which is in the county of Fife, the home of golf, and about an hour and a half north of the Scottish capital, Edinburgh.

An aerial view of the Old Course at St Andrews

Where Is St Andrews Golf Course in Scotland?

The oldest US golfing courses have nothing on St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. This place was home to some of the first global golfing tournaments and has the oldest global fairway. It is located in the town of the same name, around 50 miles north of Edinburgh.

St Andrews is in a county called Fife, which is generally known as the home of golf. Fife is also home to the headquarters of the sport’s governing body, The R&A. 

The Capital of Scotland Is Edinburgh

The Scottish country is one of the nations of the United Kingdom and is bordered by England to the south. Its capital is Edinburgh, and the largest city is Glasgow. Because it’s one of the most stunning countries worldwide, it’s the perfect landscape to play on the fairways and fall in love with golfing.

A view of St Andrews, Scotland from a creek

The History of One the First Golfing Clubs in the World

The question of whether a country club is a golfing course confuses many people, and this one is both, in a way. It was founded as a members’ clubhouse in 1843 under the original name of St Andrews Mechanics Golf Club.

Its founders were eleven local tradesmen, including George Morris, the older brother of one of the world’s most famous golfers, Tom Morris. In 1853, the name was changed to St Andrews Golf Club and has remained the same.

It wasn’t until the 1900s that golfing associations established their own headquarters, and they did the same by launching a clubhouse at Links House in 1932. This clubhouse has a view of the 18th green of the oldest golfing greens in the world, the Old Course, also known as the Old Lady or Grand Old Lady.

It is home to The Open Championship, where the founder of Augusta National, the most prestigious American country clubhouse, Bobby Jones, had played his first championship in 1921.

Interestingly enough, team matches are a tradition at this clubhouse. The most challenging team to beat were always Tom Morris and Allan Robertson, frequently nicknamed “The Invincibles.”

 The headquarters of St Andrews golf club

Winning The Open Championship at the Old Course Is the Pinnacle of Golf

This isn’t just another course – it is the spot for anyone who’s ever been ambitious about golfing. The first game ever played on these breathtaking greens was in the 15th century. In fact, young men played the sport so much that King James II of Scotland felt compelled to ban golfing since no one was focusing on their archery skills.

This fairway has various famous landmarks, from 112 bunkers to hollows, hills, bridges, and streams, that make it memorable and complex to finish. It’s been home to the Open Championship tour since 1873.

The Grand Old Man of Golf, Tom Morris, Started the Opens

Ask any Scottish golfing enthusiast, and they’ll tell you all about Old Tom Morris. Often referred to as the Grand Old Man of Golf, he was influential in creating the Open Championship tour and bringing the club glory during the years of his Keeper of the Greens status.

He may not have played the fairways he helped build, but he’s won the Open Championship four times – in 1861, 1862, 1864, and 1867. Here are some other famous players that have won this tour:

  • Young Tom Morris, the son and golfing heir of Old Tom Morris, won the Opens four times, in 1868, 1869, 1870, and 1872,
  • Jack Nicklaus, a holder of 117 winning titles, won The Open Championship in 1966, 1970, and 1978,
  • Tiger Woods, an official winner of 82 PGA Tours, played and won the Opens in 2000, 2005, and 2006,
  • Sam Snead, the legendary golfer, won the Opens at St Andrews in 1946,
  • Sir Nick Faldo, MBE, won the Opens three times in 1987, 1990, and 1992.

This Clubhouse Has Seven Golfing Courses

This golfing club doesn’t have courses on its private property. Its members use seven courses available to members and the public alike. Here are those seven fairways.

Course nameEstablishedHigh season fees (per adult)
Old CourseCca. 1400£270
New Course1895£120
The Castle2008£140

Golfers Have Great Accommodation and Facilities to Enjoy

There aren’t only courses available at this clubhouse. You can enjoy the view from the facilities  and get locker accommodation for your stuff while you play. Assuming you’ve bought the best golf clubs for beginners and want to start somewhere, you can apply for a temporary membership.

With that, you’ll have access to the Members’ lounge and bar, dining area, and guest lounge. If you get bored of lounging, there’s the snooker room to help you test your snooker skills.

New and Professional Players Are Welcome Here

If you bought some new clubs and want to strut your stuff on some spectacular greens, this Scottish establishment will be ideal. You can start at the Balgove, which was made with families, beginners, and children in mind.

If you want to experience the area’s history, play at the New Course before taking on the oldest and most supreme fairway. The New was built by Tom Morris and had enough to make any golfing enthusiast fall in love.

A golfer playing on the Old Course at St Andrews

The Grand Old Lady Is Still the Best Fairway in the World

A club membership at St Andrews is worth it. This club has the most stunning courses in the world and amenities for every enthusiast that wishes to play. Every golfer should search and visit the Scottish landscapes once in their lifetime and hit the mesmerizing fairways of one of St Andrews Links.