How to Measure Golf Club Shaft Length

A golf club shaft is a long, thin piece of metal or graphite that connects the club head to the grip. It is responsible for transferring the golfer’s swing to the clubhead, making it possible to hit the ball. If you want to learn how to measure golf shaft length, here are some tips.

Golf shaft lengths are measured with a measuring tape from the club’s heel to the grip cap’s edge, not the very top. This is the universal and most commonly used measuring method, but organizations like USGA and LDA have different ones. The universal measuring system is used for all clubs except the putter because the shaft isn’t located at the heel.

How about measuring shaft length for drivers? To measure the length of a driver shaft, use a tape measure to measure from the tip of the shaft to the end of the grip, excluding the head of the club. This measurement is typically given in inches and is an important factor in selecting the right driver for a golfer’s swing.

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How to Measure Golf Shaft Length

To determine the length of a driver shaft in golf clubs, a golfer can use a measuring tool or a chart.

Measuring the shaft length can help a golfer get the right size clubs to improve their drives.

To measure, start at the base of the club and extend the measuring tool up the shaft to the end of the grip. Alternatively, charts can be used to find the recommended lengths for different driver shafts.

This measurement is crucial in determining the appropriate length of the driver shaft for the golfer, as it directly affects the distance and accuracy of the golfer’s drives.

The shaft length is one of the main factors determining how far the ball will travel. Its weight affects the speed of the clubhead and the amount of spin that can be imparted on the ball. And its flexibility determines how much energy is transferred to the ball and affects accuracy.

You should take measurements to determine which shaft length is right for you. But how do you do that? Simple – with a tape measure.

There are also angled aluminum rulers explicitly made for this, but if you don’t have one, there’s no need to buy it. The height should be taken from the end of the grip to the top of the shaft.

  • The universal method uses placing the club in playing position, with the center of the sole touching the ground, and the length measured along its backside,
  • The USGA method considers the end of the grip cap, not just the edge, which often results in a 1/8 inch of length difference,
  • The Long Drivers of America method uses placing the shaft flat against a wall with the toe of the club touching the ground; they consider the entire length, from the toe to the top.

It’s best to use the universal method, as it will often yield the best results; you can ask the professionals at a sports equipment store for their measuring methods and get advice for the correct ways of doing it at home. All you’ll need is a tape measure and a golf club.

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What Materials Are Shafts Made From?

Shafts like Regular plus and the Regular plus flex determine the club’s weight. The materials won’t make much difference in length, but they’re not just integral to the club’s performance but to yours, too. The type of material you use for your shaft will affect your swing speed, trajectory, and accuracy.

Here’s an overview of the materials used for golf club shafts.

  • Steel – Steel shafts are the most popular type used by golfers. They are affordable and offer good performance,
  • Graphite – Graphite shafts are lighter than steel shafts and are often used by players with slower swing speeds,
  • Titanium – Titanium shafts are the most expensive but offer the best performance.

You will benefit from using a graphite shaft if you have a slow swing speed. Those with a fast swing will benefit from a steel one. And, if you’re looking for the best performance, a titanium shaft is the way to go.

How Long Should My Golf Shaft Be for My Height?

The mass of a golf club depends on the material it was made from, and the weight and length of a club can significantly impact your swing, distance, and style. The mass and length play a decisive role in which type of club you should choose, especially if they’re clubs for beginners.

The standard length for a man’s golf club is 43 inches, but the shaft length can be customized to fit the player’s height and swing. The standard length for women is 41 inches, but again, this can be customized. Children’s golf clubs are typically shorter than adult clubs, with lengths ranging from 26 to 36 inches.

How can you get custom-length irons? When you go to a golf equipment store, you can ask to get fitted for clubs. The experts there will make measurements and look at your handicap and swing stats to provide the most accurate clubs. This might be a good idea if you find standard clubs don’t work so well for you.

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The Standard Shaft Length for All Types of Clubs

You also don’t have to buy a new club; just replace the golf shaft and make it more fitted and suitable for your gameplay. Length is universally chosen according to a person’s height and wrist-to-ground ratio, and different clubs will perform better at different heights.

To learn more about the standard lengths for different types of clubs, here’s a chart overview for each.

Club typeShaft length for men (steel/graphite)Shaft length for women (steel/graphite)
Putter35 inches33 inches
Wedge35 inches34 inches
Woods44 inches43 inches
2-iron40 inches39 inches
3-iron39 inches38 inches
4-iron39 inches38 inches
5-iron38 inches37 inches
6-iron38 inches37 inches
7-iron37 inches36 inches
8-iron37 inches36 inches
9-iron36 inches35 inches

Measuring the Shaft Lengths of a Golf Club Can Be Complex

Choosing the right golf club is essential for getting the most out of your game. You can consult a professional fitter to find the correct length for your swing. They will help you select the right shaft based on height, weight, and swing speed.

Now that you know more about golf club shafts, it’s time to start shopping for one. Visit your local sporting goods store or search online for a great selection. You can also find a variety of fitting services that can help you select the perfect club for your game and take your shots to the next level.