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How To Regrip Your Own Golf Clubs

How To Regrip Your Golf Clubs at Home Table of Contents Is It Easy To Regrip Your Own Clubs? Regripping your golf clubs at home is easier than you think. The entire process will take between 1 and 2 hours. The first time you regrip your clubs can be intimidating. After your first run through,

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Is a Golf Rangefinder Worth It?

Is a Golf Rangefinder Worth It? Table of Contents What Is a Rangefinder? A golf rangefinder is a laser distance measurement device. You look through the scope of the rangefinder, aim at your target, and press a button to “shoot” the distance. Some laser rangefinders can even determine the slope between you and your target,

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What Is Better a Golf GPS or Rangefinder?

What Is Better a Golf GPS or Rangefinder? Table of Contents Laser rangefinder or GPS: What Should You Use? Playing with a GPS or rangefinder will help your game by providing more information on each shot. A golf GPS will give you yardages when you are to your golf ball and ready to hit. A

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Do Any Pro Golfers Use Cavity Back Irons?

Do Any Pro Golfers Use Cavity Back Irons? Table of Contents Do Pros Use Blades or Cavity Backs? Professional golfers on the 2020 tour are most often seen using a mix of blade irons and cavity back irons. With the advancements in golf technology, most causal players and even pro players are not using a

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What Is The Best Golf Bag For a Push Cart?

What Is The Best Golf Bag For a Push Cart? Table of Contents How to Choose the Right Golf Bag For Push Carts If you are looking to start walking the golf course with a golf push cart, you may notice the lack of comfort a golf cart may offer. Don’t let this discourage you,

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Paige Spiranic Receives Death Threats Over Push Cart Comment

Paige Spiranic Receives Death Threat Over Push Cart Comment Table of Contents Paige Spiranic says the has received death threats for a comment she mad on the “Playing a Round” podcast. Paige Spiranic is one of golfs largest social media personalities. The young star has reached over 2.5 million Instagram followers and only seems to

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